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    Ok so I am finally thinking about getting my 3rd tattoo. The first one I was a dumb kid and went to the local shop and gave them a idea of what I wanted. I stopped the guy after he did the outline....crooked lines, and just kinda sloppy. I went to another shop that I heard had a good artist. He finished the coloring and shading and it looks great now. However, he is not at that shop anymore and don't remember his name. The second one is a simple inside the lip, "boss."

    Ok so this is what I would like my 3rd piece to be. Between these two, not yet sure.:



    They are both going to be in color that I provide the artist with.

    The reason I'm making this thread is to get additional ideas. These are kind of drab...boring even. I would like to hear opinions on ways to kind of change them but keep the overall idea of the pieces....


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