which has more cutting power?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by alpha_omega, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. alpha_omega

    alpha_omega Guest

    which is the strongest of the 3 for removing swirls, sap and tar, and all that other fun stuff that gets on the paint.

    poorboy's polish vs meguiars #9 vs DACP?

  2. Jackhole

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    Dec 23, 2001
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    DAC/P is the most aggressive by far of the products that you listed.
  3. alpha_omega

    alpha_omega Guest

    that ive figured out, but do you know which is stronger poorboy's polish or meguiars #9? you are supposed to start off with a less agressive product and move up and i dont know which to use..poorboy's or meguiars...thanks.
  4. a red heart

    a red heart Guest

    dacp isnt much more aggressive than #9, i used the two today A LOT to compare them. I'd say if #2 fine cut is a 10 and #9 is a 1, DACP would be a 3.
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  5. Scottwax

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    Poorboy's Polish is a very light polish/glaze and I am pretty sure #9 would be slightly more aggressive. PBs does have some more aggressive products, SSR1/2/3.
  6. alpha_omega

    alpha_omega Guest

    how do you rate the poorboy's stuff vs meguiars? ive basically got a mixture of some PB's and meguiars for detailing my cars. in the future do you suggest staying with one brand name and using all their products or a mixture of products? thanks.

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