Which is more effective, SEO or B2B platform?

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    We have been one of the premium members of B2B platforms like Globalsouces , Made in China,Alibaba for many years,however it seems that we Suffer more than benefit due to the competition between really manufacturers and trading companies become more fierce. Actually the inquiries from the mentioned B2B platforms are shared by hundreds of suppliers at the same time, so the quality of the inquiry for the suppliers will be greatly reduced. In order to benefit, many suppliers have to lower down their price, however,we all know that the price of the products always related to the quality. If you are the buyer of Globalsouces , Made in China, or Alibaba, you may first feel lucky that you find a really favorable price among many suppliers after comparison, however on the other hand you may suffered. Because the cost of the same products are nearly the same, only these who offer the inferior products dare to quote you the incredible price.

    As a professional LED lights manufacturer(sundopt.com), our products include LED bulbs,LED tube,LED spotlight, LED ceiling light,LED par lamp, LED panel light, LED wall sconce, ect., all these indoor lighting products are closely related to the safety and health of our users, so we always paying pay special attention to the quality of our products,even we have to face the fierce competition, we dare not risk to produce the inferior products. However ,as a company we have to make money to run. After a careful research ,we decide to establish our own website which is made strictly according to search engine and user friendly principles. We cut down the invests in B2B trading platform while pay special attention to our own website. We focus on the keyword search strategy while many of our key words have ranked the top of Google and other main stream search engines. Our customers can send the inquiry directly when find the right products they need, and we promise to reply no longer than 24 hours. Through this way ,we ensure the quality of our products while not hurt the benefits of our customers. so I think SEO is much effective than B2Bpalt form, and it is really beneficial for our manufacturers.

    Do you agree with me, my friend?
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