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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by wizeguy4, Oct 27, 2008.

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    ok, so I know there is always debate over in camera setting or doing it in post. Last week someone made mention to shooting a grey card as the first image in a series and then in post correct that image and apply it to all other images automaticaly.

    could someone outline this as I think this sounds like a great method. Primarily, is there a shortcut in bridge to apply the same to a picture that was previously applied to the last picture. I knwo you can get to it through the drop down menus but I would prefer to simply ctrl+A and then have another keyboard shortcut to "apply to all"
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    i use lightroom so if all my shots are the same, I usually just zoom in and fine tune it on the first shot, then copy and paste the WB settings to the whole set, and then if one looks funny I'll just adjust them individually, but most of the time I don't have to touch it.
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    Yeah, it was me who suggested that, and here's your steps for Bridge:

    1. Highlight all of the images you want to edit, starting with the greycard image

    2. R click, open in Camera Raw A window will open up that will have all of the images on the R side, and the first image large.

    3. Click 'select all'

    4. select the white balance tool from the toolbar above the large image.

    5. click on your grey card - all selected images will update with chosen white balance.

    6. ???

    7. Profit.

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