CAR Who are we buying car batteries from now?


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May 5, 2000
Home of the Texas Rangers
I've been using Duralast Gold batteries going on 25 years now. But we've had to replace the battery in my wife's Escape twice now in two years and the AGM Duralast battery in my G35 didn't make it three years. One in my Accord has been fine. The batteries just stop holding a charge. VatoZone is great about replacing them under warranty but it sucks doing it as often as we have lately. Got to drop it off, they charge it and load test it, say its fine, tell them to check it before we take it, always has lost voltage so they replace it. The AGM went from 12.8 to 12 volts in 2 hours.

Anyway, what's the new hotness? Or old hotness.


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Sep 18, 2001
Vancouver, WA
I ran interstate in my truck for 10+ years but the last one didn’t make it to its third birthday - my fault, I was out of town for like 6 weeks and forgot to disconnect it.

I bought a cheepo $90 battery from Napa and it’s been just fine for the last 8 months.


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Apr 5, 2002
San Diego, CA
costco, i never bought into the interstate hype but costco has the best no questions asked return policy. I killed like 3 batteries in 4 months because my XJ had a battery drain that I didnt properly monitor and they never cared that I got a free replacement each time :rofl:


Making detailing great again!
May 5, 2000
Home of the Texas Rangers
Costco. They'll replace your shit no questions asked if anything happens. They now use interstate batteries. For me costco is reasonably priced compared to the local parts stores.

AutoZone too, its just a pain to do it so often lately. We thought initially with my wife's car it was because she only drives it 1-2 times a week but when its dead after not driving it just two days there's definitely something wrong.

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