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  1. bigfodee

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    Apr 29, 2002
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    Royal Oak, MI
    Rank/Last Name
    Branch/active, reserve, DEP, retired, wannabe?
    MOS - numbers and name, and military description would be cool too (i just googled to find mine)
    time in service (specify if combo active/reserve/deployment)
    current unit
    whered you go to boot camp/tech school?
    deployments? if so where?
    two cents?

    Lance Corporal Fodee (e-3)
    United States Marine Corps Reserve
    0351 Infantry (Assaultman) - The assaultman is responsible for the tactical employment of the shoulder-launched multipurpose assault weapon (SMAW), and the Dragon medium assault antitank weapon. Assaultmen provide antibunker and antiarmor fire in support of the rifle squads/platoons/companies and the infantry battalion, and are located in the weapons platoons and weapons companies of the infantry battalion. Noncommissioned officers are assigned as gunners and team, squad, and section leaders.
    Jan 2005 - present
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  2. Jyokker

    Jyokker The trouser snake is very aggressive. It will corn

    Nov 15, 2004
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    Panama City, FL
    TSgt E-6/Last Name Witheld
    Air Force AD
    3C271 Tech Control
    3D172 Cyber Transport
    Monitors and controls performance of networks and communications-computer systems (C-CS). Coordinates their configuration, operation, restoration, and service improvements. Analyzes their capabilities and performance, identifies problems, and takes corrective action. Directs and makes operational adjustments to C-CS equipment.

    January will be 10 years
    Current unit is at Tyndall AFB
    Marksmanship? I haven't qual'd (tested) since basic.
    Boot= Lackland AFB (only one boot in AF)/ techschool Keesler AFB
    No deps
    I plan on staying in.
    I like cake.
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  3. PlayingGod

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    Nov 21, 2003
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    SGT Haley
    Active Army
    31B - Military Police
    4 Years
    549th MP Co
    Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
    Mosul, Iraq - Dec '06-Dec '07; Bum Fuck Afghanistan - Now
    Ready to get out and move on with my life.
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  4. galek_spoo

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    Apr 13, 2004
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    Del Valle, TX
    SrA E-4/Last Name Witheld
    Air Force AD
    3C251 Tech Control
    Monitors and controls performance of networks and communications-computer systems (C-CS). Coordinates their configuration, operation, restoration, and service improvements. Analyzes their capabilities and performance, identifies problems, and takes corrective action. Directs and makes operational adjustments to C-CS equipment.

    Feb will be 4 years
    Current unit is at Keesler AFB
    Marksmanship? I haven't qual'd (tested) since basic.
    Boot= Lackland AFB (only one boot in AF)/ techschool Keesler AFB
    No deps
    I plan on staying in. Currently though it looks like to do that and be able to reenlist i'll have to crosstrain into another field, maybe i'll go 2E2.
  5. Zourn

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    Apr 3, 2002
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    MM2 Kroupa (E-5)
    Active Duty Navy
    Machinist Mate 2nd Class, Nuclear Field: Nuclear-trained MMs, EMs and ETs perform duties in nuclear propulsion plants operating reactor control, propulsion and power generation systems. The character of NF jobs is mentally stimulating and offers career growth. The NF provides opportunities to work closely with specialists in the nuclear, technology, and engineering fields.
    4 yr 2 mo.s Active duty so far
    Currently aboard USS Henry M Jackson
    PFT = Good Low
    Boot camp: Great Lakes, IL
    MM "A" School: Goose Creek, SC, 3 Months
    Nuke Power School: Goose Creek, SC, 6 months
    Prototype:Goose Creek, SC, 6 months
    USS Nebraska 1 TAD patrol
    USS Henry M Jackson 3.5 yrs
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  6. Capitals

    Capitals Guest

    LCpl Shmukatelli
    AD Marine Corps
    0481 - Landing Support Specalist: [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Summary. Landing support specialists perform various duties pertaining to the establishment, maintenance and control of transportation throughput systems on beaches, landing zones, ports (air and sea), and terminals (rail, truck, and container) used in support of MAGTF exercises and operations. NCOs and SNCOs plan, conduct and supervise landing support training. Furthermore, they assist deploying MAGTFs, specifically the embarkation officer, in the throughput of unit personnel and materials.[/FONT]

    1 Year, 3 Months AD
    Boot Camp: Parris Island
    MCT: Camp Geiger, NC
    School: Camp Johnson, NC
    Deployments: Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philipines
    Two Cents: Eh
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  7. RibeyeAndScotch

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    Nov 15, 2004
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    I'm nothing special

    PVT Goo
    Active DEP Army
    11x (11X isn't actually an MOS (military cccupation speciality). Instead, it's an enlistment option. The Army does not offer a guaranteed job for any specific infantry MOS. Instead, one must enlist as an 11X. The "X" means that the specific job is not known at the time of enlistment. Individuals who enlist under the 11X Infantry option attend Infantry OSUT (One Station Unit Training), which combines Army Basic Training and Infantry AIT (Advanced Individual Training), all in one 17-week course. During that training, recruits are allowed to list their specific infantry job preferences, but ultimate assignments are determined by the needs of the Army. Upon graduation from OSUT, recruits are assigned to either 11B: Infantryman or 11C: Indirect Fire Infantryman. )
    Shipping within a month
    Boot and AIT in Fort Benning, GA
    2 cents: just got home an hour ago, i passed my e-2 promoting pt test.
  8. Insdav3

    Insdav3 Guest

    PFC Wykrent
    United States Marine Corps (R)
    MOS - 30xx
    Supply administration and operations clerks perform every facet of ground supply administration and operations. These Marines must be able to accomplish the technical duties in retail and wholesale supply accounting within every Marine Corps activity and unit. They Operate personal computers, multimedia data entry, scanning and retrieval systems functions, generate routine reports, and perform technical research functions for customer inquiries, in addition to requisition and procurement processing. They maintain and prepare necessary accounting and supply documents, maintain custody records, perform reconciliations, and take timely action to ensure corrective action of problem areas. They solve data output interpretation problems or contact appropriate sources to resolve questionable areas. :mamoru:
    April 2005 - Present
    current unit- 1/24 "Terror from the North" Detroit / Selfridge.
    PFT- 282
    Rifle m-16a2: Expert 225pts
    Boot Camp Parris Island, SC
    MCT: California
    MOS: Johnson


    Deployment: Fallujah, Iraq
    Iraq Combat MOS: 0311 Rifleman
    Attached to Security Platoon
    Duties preformed:
    -Vehicle Commander
    -240G/B Turret Gunner
    -Tower Sentry
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  9. i_is_surf

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    Aug 14, 2005
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    The LDS Republic of Mormony
    Special Agent Porter
    71S - The Special Investigations Career Area encompasses the functions of program formulation and policy planning; control and direction of investigations involving possible acts of espionage, sabotage, treason, and other subversive acts; investigation of major violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and applicable federal statutes, and violations of public trust, such as fraud, bribery, and other criminal irregularities, with particular reference to the procurement or disposition of government property; conduct of background investigations of Department of Defense personnel in overseas areas at the request of the Defense Investigative Service; and conduct of special inquiries directed by competent authority.
    7.5 yrs.
    AFOSI Det. 225, Holloman AFB, NM
    Expert M-16, Expert M-9, Expert M-11
    Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, GA
    Enroute to Balad in 2 months. . .
    two cents.. - If everyone gave me their two cents I'd be a millionare. . .
  10. Ranger-AO

    Ranger-AO I'm here for the Taliban party. Moderator

    Nov 23, 2004
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    the places in between
    Current: E-6/SSG
    Army National Guard
    01/2006 - Present
    3-172IN (MTN)
    Combat deployments:
    - Baghdad/Sadr City, Iraq
    - Paktya Province, Afghanistan
    - Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

    12B Combat Engineer
    • Prepares and installs priming and firing systems for demolition and explosives.
    • Arms, disarms, and installs anti–personnel and anti–tank mines.
    • Locates mines by visual means or by using a mine detector.
    • Recognizes and neutralizes booby traps, friendly and threat mines, and firing devices. Places explosives and clears misfires.
    • Directs a mine-clearing line charge loading team.
    • Directs minefield marking party and dispensing operation of mine scattering systems.
    • Conducts reconnaissance operations, determines limiting slopes, curves, stream velocity, and gap widths.
    • Conducts the maneuver of a squad in a patrol.
    • Directs minefield installation, removal, and submits minefield reports.
    • Conducts breaching operations.
    • Collects data and calculates the requirement for explosives and related material.
    12B Recon Sergeant (E6)
    • The Recon Sergeant is responsible for tracking route status, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) found or detonated, and engineer assets on the battlefield. Recon sergeants are responsible for locating and reporting enemy engineer obstacles and identifying bypasses. Additionally, they are experts in route and engineer reconnaissance, this includes gathering critical data about bridges, fording sites, and assets along routes that would be useful in engineer missions.
      • Advise the commander.
      • Track the status of all routes.
      • Coordinate, track, and make recommendations on force protection measures.
      • Assist the S-2.
      • Oversee the cache collection point.
      • Track enemy IED activity.
      • Gather essential data on routes within sector.
      • Report composition of enemy obstacles and bypass locations.
    Battalion Battle NCO
    • Provides technical and doctrinal advice to the S3 and commander.
    • Serves as shift NCOIC for main Command Post.
    • Supervises MCS/CPOF operators.
    • Prepares main Command Post for orders, drills, briefs, and rehearsals.
    • Executes Command Post security and movement.
    • Briefs attachments on TOC standing operating procedures (SOPs).
    Currently in Afghanistan doing things I can't talk about.
    Two Cents: Army > Air Force x 11ty

    Prior Service: E-5/SSGT

    1978 - 1983 (active)
    1987-1989 (reserve)
    • 322X2b Tactical/Real-Time Avionic Sensor Systems
      • Maintains, repairs, inspects, or supervises maintenance actions on avionic sensor systems equipment.
      • Infrared detection sets, closed circuit and low light or all light level television, optical cameras, data display sets, infrared mapping sets, videotape and digital recorders, laser target designator, laser receivers, terrain following radar, sensor control systems, and associated support equipment.
    • Active Duty: 1978 - 1983; Reserves: late 80's.
    • Main duty station: RAF Bentwaters, UK, with TDY's throughout Europe.
    • Tech School: Lowry AB, Denver, CO.
    • My AFSC (322X2B) is no longer active. The latest version of it is 2A1X1, which is what I copied the description from.
    • Two cents: My nickname was "Zap". I earned it by having two electronic test units literally blow up in my face. One of my claims to fame was that I was "influential in the field trials of a laser targeting system prototype." (Part of the Pave Penny system used on the A-10.)
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  11. gookarachie

    gookarachie New Member

    Jan 31, 2005
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    United Stated Marine Corps, out for 6 years
    2841/ ground radio repair
    Active '95-'99 talking to recruiter about going back in
    Main duty station: Camp Lejuene NC
    4 award expert rifle, 4 award expert pistol(2 years on battalion rifle/pistol team)
    I love it, didn't realise how shitty the civilian world is, gots to go back. I was 21 when I got out and no idea what life was like out here. I hate all the slackers that are out here. I just want to light them up for being stupid but can't its so touchy feely out here it sucks, I'm going back
  12. TRN

    TRN OT Supporter

    Aug 22, 2003
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    North East
    Rank: SGT *****
    Service: United States Marine Corps
    MOS-26xx: Special Intelligence Communications/Electronic Warfare.
    Entry Date: Sep 04-----EAS Sep. 2009 (5 year contract)
    Duty Station: Intelligence Battalion
    Rifle/Pistol Qualifications:Expert for rifle and Sharp Shooter in pistol
    Boot Camp-MCRD Parris Island, SC
    MOS School- Pensacola FL
    Deployments as of now-(3) Iraq...all over the damn place Ramadi/Fallujah/Taqaddum/Haditha/Barwanah
    Support of 2D MLG and 1st MLG-Force Protection and II MEF
    My .02If you have not deployed, get off your ass and do your part.

    To come: EAS and hopefully getting into LE
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  13. RoblesGT

    RoblesGT [Track Days: 19 ][Crashes: 1] [SuMo Days: 1 ][Cras OT Supporter

    Aug 10, 2001
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    *Edited for Fucking Fags*

    Deployments: Phillipines, Korea, Thailand and now Iraq
    2 Cents: Fuck the Corps as much as you can cause it will fuck you as long as you're in it and probably long afterwards as well, :run: .... and I plan to do 20 ... :mamoru:
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  14. Accord

    Accord Active Member

    Jan 19, 2004
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    Rank/Name: E-3 Lance Corporal / withheld.
    Branch: United States Marine Corps
    MOS: 0351 Assaultman/Demolitions
    TIS: 1 year
    Current unit: Withheld
    PFT: 287
    Rifle: 209
    Boot Camp: MCRD Parris Island
    Deployments: 6 weeks and counting
    Two cents: Go fuck yourself
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  15. crucial_fiction

    crucial_fiction Active Member

    Sep 9, 2004
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    JAX, FL
    FCC(SW)/withheld (E-7)

    US Navy Active

    1101/1102/9526/9527 FFG Class gun and missile fire control system (radar/computers/display/all that assorted nonsense) 2M miniature/micro electronics repair technician

    12.5 years

    Great Lakes IL for Boot/Core/A-Schooling
    San Diego CA for class C Schooling (mk 92/2M)

    Deployments: 6 deployments, including 4 in/from 7th fleet, and 2 of them in 6th...
    wearing silver on the deployment ribbons kinda makes me :hs:
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  16. evan2

    evan2 Guest

    Rank/Last Name SSgt Noneyabiz
    Branch/active, reserve, DEP, retired, wannabe? AF AD
    MOS - 3E5x1 (google it there is to much to put) Right now I am the only EA at fairford and I runt he geobase shop plus a full list of extra duties that come with being on a base of 200 AF.
    time in service 6 years 4 months
    current unit - 420 CES
    PFT/marksmanship - Marksman in m16 and m9 (ce shoots yearly)
    whered you go to boot camp/tech school? Lackland and FT lenoard wood missouri for tech
    deployments? if so where? 01 Mar-June PSAB Saudi, oct 02 - april 03 - Saudi, march -jun 04, Qatar AL Udeid AB (few other secret locations to build bare bases that I cant talk about)
    two cents? dont eat yellow snow
  17. BlackHBDX

    BlackHBDX The grey fixer

    Dec 2, 2001
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    Colorado Springs, CO
    SSgt. Johnson (E-5)
    Air Force, Active Duty
    Current AFSC: 2A676 - Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems Craftsman.
    In January I will be cross-training into 1A3x1 - Airborne Communications and Electronics Systems which recently just merged with 1A5x1 - Airborne Mission Systems.
    6 years in, just re-enlisted for another 5
    Currently with the 435 Material Maintenance Squadron at Sembach Annex, Germany
    Bootcamp was at Lackland AFB, TX. Tech-school was at Sheppard AFB, TX. For my new AFSC, I'll be going to Basic Aircrew Training at Lackland, SERE and Water Survival at Fairchild AFB, WA; and then my actual tech-school at Keesler AFB, Mississippi.
    Deployed to Karshi-Khanabad, Uzbekistan for three months in support of OEF.
  18. smokie700

    smokie700 right near da beach, Boiiiii

    Nov 21, 2004
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    Ewa Beach, HI
    Rank/Last Name Former E-5 Sgt,Civilian now / Domec
    Branch/active, reserve, DEP, retired, wannabe? Army Nat Guard, Active

    MOS - 11B (Infantry ground) 11M (mech Infantry) 31S ( Satellite communication)
    time in service, 2 guard, 4 active

    current unit N/A last unit was 125th Sig 25 Infantry Div Schofeild Barracks, Hawaii

    PFT/marksmanship: Max APFT score, expert on marksmanship

    whered you go to boot camp/tech school? Basic/ AIT was at Ft Benning, Sat Comm school was Ft Gordon

    deployments? too many to list
  19. 202 Stroker

    202 Stroker We watch the lightning crack over cane fields ..

    Aug 20, 2001
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    NSW, Australia
    Rank/Last Name : Sub Lt/withheld
    Branch/active, reserve, DEP, retired, wannabe? : Submarine Arm, Royal Australian Navy (retired)
    MOS - : Marine Engineer Officer ; As a Marine Engineering Officer, you are the technical authority on board ship and responsible for the ship's structures, propulsion systems, electrical generation and distribution, domestic and associated mechanical services. Your responsibilities will also include the main and auxiliary machinery, engines, automatic and remote control systems, hydraulics, air conditioning and refrigeration, ventilation systems and electrical power generation and conversion equipment.
    time in service : 2 years
    current unit : HMAS Dechaineux ,

    whered you go to boot camp/tech school?:HMAS CRESWELL at Jervis Bay on the NSW south coast (Officers/Basic), HMAS CERBERUS at Western Port, Victoria (tech)
    deployments? if so where? mainly Australian Defence Force exercises, operations and the government's strategic directives.:sleep:
    two cents? Life is hard on a sub , but it's also damn rewarding
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  20. brownfield

    brownfield OT Supporter

    Oct 8, 2005
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    Active Duty Army
    25S - Tactical Satellite Communications Operator/Maintainer
    2 Years, 10 Months
    A. Co. 307th Intergrated Theatre Signal Batallion, Fort Richardson, AK
    216 on the APFT (Scared of my next one), 38/40 Marksmanship (M16)
    Basic: Relaxin' Jackson/AIT: Fort Gordon
    Deployments: Iraq
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  21. SweetDaddyO

    SweetDaddyO we need a montage!!

    May 19, 2000
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    Rapid City, SD
    1Lt, USAF
    2.5 years in
    AFSC: 12F1G (Bomber Navigator)
    Aeronautical Rating: Navigator
    Quals: Weapons Systems Officer/Electronic Warfare Officer
    Job: B-1B WSO, currently waiting to start Initial Qualification Course
    28th Bomb Sq (ACC)
    Dyess AFB, TX
  22. fintheman

    fintheman I will ebay O/T!

    Oct 5, 2005
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    Brentwood, TN
    A1C Medically Seperated/Finney
    Air Force/Vet
    2E251 - Computer Network and Cyrpto; Helped ensure the lines of communications for the computer networks of Stratcomm in Offutt AFB; Monitored IDS Systems; Firewall admistration; Event Logging; honeypotting, router-switch admin, blah blah, lots of crap.
    2.5 Years
    I was USAF, it doesn't matter.
    Lackland/Keesler for 8 months
    I am a self-proclaimed expert in the field of MEB/PEB and the process of, as well as anything involving VA Benefits.
  23. clever_username

    clever_username Well-Known Member

    Jul 8, 2005
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    Oklahoma City
    AC2 (e5) Park,
    USN Active
    Air Traffic Controller, 6902 NEC (Carrier Controller). guess what my description is. was also an operations specialist. basically tracked surface contacts on a radar scope
    been in 7years 2 months
    currently assigned to USS Harry S. Truman CVN-75
    PFT? i passed.
    Pistol-236 out of a possible 240
    Rifle-28 out of a possible 30 (first two shots the sights were off)
    went to boot camp at Great Mistakes, IL. school in both damn neck, va and pcola, fl
    3 six month mediterranean/gulf deployments. visited numerous nations, and a year long trip to diego garcia in '02/'03
    my .02-shoulda gone to college. i miss getting stoned.
  24. Jeg1983

    Jeg1983 OT Supporter

    Jun 19, 2003
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    SrA, Crew Chief KC-10
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  25. jointhecoolkids

    jointhecoolkids New Member

    Oct 10, 2005
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    Trooper Pooper
    MOS - R013
    Armoured Soldier serves as a member of the crew of an armoured fighting vehicle (AFV). His or her primary duties are to operate and maintain the AFV, its weapon systems, and its communication equipment. There are the armoured, and the armoured recce divisions to this. I am the latter.
    Joined: 28 Sept 04
    Canadian Forces, unit withheld
    21/25 (It's a grouping score)
    32 CBG Battle School for BMQ and CFB Meaford for SQ
    No Deployments, but planning on the ROTO 07 for Afganistan.
    two cents? Two cents dropped from CN tower is a WoMD.

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