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Sep 2, 2003
Rank: SSG
Branch: PA-ARNG (AGR)
MOS/Branch: 25B3R8, 25U, 11B, 94E...
Time in service: Almost 10 years (4 years active duty, almost 6 AGR in NG)
BCT/AIT: Benning, Gordon
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Jan 9, 2011
South Jersey
Rank: SGT
Branch: EX-ARMY
MOS/Branch: 25Q
Time in service: 6 years
Unit: 3/320th FA Rakkasans 101stAB
BCT/AIT: Benning, Gordon
Deployment: 05-06 and 07-08 Iraq


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Dec 27, 2010
Rank: LCpl
Branch: USMC
MOS/Branch: 2651(Special Intelligence Communicator); Special intelligence communicators' duties encompass all aspects of special intelligence communications including the utilization of equipment. Special Intelligence communicators duties include support to: special compartment intelligence computerized network transmissions, network administration, cryptologic security, computer network defense, conducting preventive maintenance of assigned area network equipment and circuit connectivity, the transmission and receiving of special intelligence via the Defense Special Security Communications (DSSCS), and the Defense Messaging System (DMS).
Time in service: 2 years
Unit: 1st Radio Bn
BCT/AIT: Camp Pendleton, California
Deployment: Afghanistan '10- '11
PFT: 235
Rifle: Expert
2 Cents: Only other 2651's understand what '51's do. Everyone else just guesses, and we agree to make it easy.
Rank/Last Name - PFC Golden (soon SPC)
Branch/active, reserve, DEP, retired, wannabe? Army Reserve
MOS - 74D, my unit works with BIDS
time in service - Almost 2 years
current unit - 130th Chemical Company
PFT/marksmanship 280-290ish range and 37
whered you go to boot camp/tech school? Fort Leonard Wood, MO the whole time. Love it there...
deployments? if so where? Not yet.
two cents? Kinda like it. Well Bids at least. I'm learning to operate it without the official class to operate it..


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Feb 20, 2011
CDT Nagy
Active Army (Technically)
3.5 years
No Deployments
Future All Army Combatives Champion


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Oct 6, 2003
Los Angeles
Lance Corporal
USMC Active
0351 Job Description: The infantry assaultman employs rockets, the Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System (APOBS), and demolitions. Assaultmen provide rocket fire against fortified positions in support of the rifle squads, platoons, and companies within the infantry battalion. Additionally, assaultmen employ APOBS, demolitions, and breaching/infiltration techniques to facilitate infantry maneuver in the offense, and demolitions and expedient counter mobility measures in the defense. Assaultmen are found in the assault sections of weapons platoons of the infantry rifle companies. Noncommissioned officers are assigned as gunners, team, squad, and section leaders.
4 years
1st Bn 2nd Mar
1st Class and 2nd award expert
Parris Island and ITB in Jacksonville, NC
1 to Iraq and 1 to Afghanistan
Terminal Lance
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What we know best we haven’t been taught.
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Dec 1, 2003
Rank - CPT
Last - Webster
Branch - Army, active
MOS - 11A, Infantry Officer
TIS - 5 or 6 years now, lost count
Unit - MCCC, 199th BDE at Benning; follow on to 3rd BDE, 1st AD at Bliss
APFT- 277
Marksmanship - Sharpshooter
Boot - Benning
Deployments - OIF 09-10, Afghanistan rotation coming soon
Two cents - None at this time


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Nov 13, 2003
Eagle River, AK
Current AF applicant

Spent two days at MEPS this week (finished my physical) and had to schedule a consult for the pins and plate in my wrist. I'm going to take the DLAB on my next trip and hopefully do well enough to do crypto linguist.

two years later.

scored 4 points to low on the dlab to qualify for linguist, so i ended up going open mechanical and shipping feb 2010. ended up picking aircraft armament because it had the highest asvab qualifying score and i thought it would be the most challenging. ended up getting my dream base (eglin) working with the f15 and a10. currently working on my upgrade training.


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May 11, 2011
Private E-1
Army-Medically Separated
31B- Military Police (self explanatory)
4 months in service (didn't make it out of training)
Never got to qualify
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

I loved the Army and I'm fixing my shit so I can go back.
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Sep 6, 2009
Rank: SGT
Branch: Army NG
MOS/Branch: 68W
Time in service: 4 years
Unit: 82nd ADT, 32nd Infantry
BCT/AIT: Ft. Knox / Ft. Sam Houston
Deployment: Iraq 09-10, leaving to Afghanistan in 6 months.


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Nov 29, 2009
detroit, MI
Rank: Pvt
Branch: USMC
MOS/Branch: 1371 Combat Engineer
Time in service: 5months
Unit: CEIC
BCT/AIT: Parris Island/Jacksonville, NC
Deployment: none :)


Jan 1, 2012
Rank: E6/HM1
Branch: USN
MOS/Branch: 8404 Hospital Corpsman
Time in service: 15 years
Unit: 2nd Medical Battalion
BCT/AIT: Great Lakes, IL/Camp Lejeune, NC
1997: Mediterranean Deployment
2006: Mediterranean Deployment
2011-2012: Currently in Helmand Prov. Afghanistan


Taking BRC to the EXTREME. Bitch I operate.
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Jul 17, 2007
Somewhere near the Pentagon...
Updated, like a bauce.

SSgt(E-5)/ AD USAF
3D072/ Cyber Systems Operations
Basic: Lackland AFB, TX
Tech School: Keesler AFB, MS (Went through with Koby.)
Current: LeMay Center Wargaming Institute, Maxwell AFB, AL
Deployments: 11 June - 12 Dec 2009 / U.S. Central Command HQ, MacDill AFB; 29 April - 29 October 2012 / U.S. Central Command HQ, MacDill AFB (2 in a row?)
Been in almost 6 years.
2 cents: Don't hate, commiserate.


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Jan 6, 2007
Should probably post up...

AFSC 92T0? Pilot/OTS select...
Sept 2011 selected
Maxwell AFB in April?
just here to lurk/answer every thread about "how do i be a pilot?"


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Mar 3, 2012
Rank : Corporal
Branch : USMC
MOS : 0311 Infantry Rifleman
TIS : 4 Years
Unit : 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, now in IRR
Deployed : 07' Iraq (Zaidon, Fallujah, Karmah), 08' Afghanistan (Sangin)

There are days when I miss my SAW...


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May 24, 2012
Rank: PV2
Branch: Active Duty Army
MOS: 14 - PATRIOT Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer: Air Defense Artillery, provides air missile defense for important assets
TIS: 9 months
Current Unit: D 1-1 ADA, Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan
PFT/marksmanship: 270 pt (max PU/SU, I'm expecting a better 2mr time on my next PFT). Going to a range to qualify next Tuesday, aiming for expert ofc
whered you go to boot camp/tech school? BCT and AIT (all 6 months of it) at Fort Sill
deployments? if so where? No deployments, but am on an overseas tour in Japan atm. It's really more like a vacation though.
two cents? Love the military so far, the goal is(was?) to drop a packet to go commissioned when I have enough credit hours but I enjoy enlisted right now. Looking to go to a soldier of quarter board when it comes up and was top of class in AIT.


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Jul 16, 2001
Should probably post up...

AFSC 92T0? Pilot/OTS select...
Sept 2011 selected
Maxwell AFB in April?
just here to lurk/answer every thread about "how do i be a pilot?"

How about you become a military pilot first. :fawk:


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Jul 16, 2001
CW2 Brackac
Active Army
152H Apache Pilot (Past MOS 25F30, 74D20, 2E6X2 and a half assed attempt at J1C2X1)
17+ years
PT? What's that?
Basic Jan - Mar 1992 at Fort Knox
Afghanistan and Columbia
The military isn't what it was when I joined 20 years ago.
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