who are you?


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Sep 7, 2004
Name: SGT Farmer
Component: Active Army
MOS: 25P20 - Microwave Systems Operator-Maintainer (I'm a radio tech)
TIS: 3 years and some change
Unit: 302nd Sig Bn, Fort Detrick
PFT: 210ish (nerve damage, p2)
Basic: Ft Jackson, B313


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Jan 5, 2004
Pittsburgh, PA
Pennsylvania Army National Guard
25U - Signal Systems Operation/Maintenance. Currently the Communications Sergeant for a FA Battery.
16 years (4 years active duty Army)
PFT: 200 / Sharpshooter (35/40) / Airborne / CAB
Ft Jackson, SC/Ft Gordon, GA
Task Force Katrina - Sept/Oct 2005 (hurricane relief efforts in Louisiana and Mississippi)
OIF 08-09 - COB Taji
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It's time to shoot some hot dogs!
Apr 25, 2005
Civ McCormick(Separated as E4(SrA))
USAF Active Duty
2S051 - Supply. I've worked in Storage and Issue for 1 1/2 yrs and Receiving since then.
[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Supervises and performs item and monetary accounting and inventory stock control, financial planning, and funds control. Computes requirement, determines allowance, and researches and identifies supplies and equipment requirements. Supervises and performs operations involved in storage, inspection, identification, and receipt of property. Responsible for facility safety and security. Conducts inventories. Operates automated equipment, special purpose government vehicles, and materiel handling equipment.
06 AUG 02 - 05 AUG 06
97th Logistics Readiness Squadron, Altus AFB, OK. The only base I've been stationed at.
PT test- Low but passing. I'm a fat boy.
No marksmanship but passing - M16A2 Shot 20/40 twice. 25/50 last time.
Basic Training - 320 Training Squadron, Lackland AFB, TX
Tech School - Lackland AFB, TX I could see my basic training dorm from my tech school dorm window.
1 Deployment- Manas AB, Kyrgyzstan AUG 04-JAN 05. Before all the dorms and other buildings were built.

I would be deployed again but I don't have enough retainability. I'll be getting out this coming August. Most likely I will be working in the same career field. The AF was good to me but I'm ready to move on.
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Sep 14, 2004
Lcpl Kim
USMC Active
5831 - Military Police/Corrections Specialist
3 years 10 months
Security Bn. Brig Co.
241 pft score/ Sharpshooter
MCRD San Diego/ Lackland AFB (MOS)
No deployments
I have nothing more to say.


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Oct 17, 2004
Rank: Private
Canadian Forces - Army
MOC: 215 - Signal Operator
Signal Operators are members of the Communications and Electronics Branch of the Canadian Forces. Their job is to provide Army units with fast, reliable voice and data communications, and they do it by means of top-of-the-line satellite, digitized, fixed, airtransportable and mobile information and communications equipment.
Joined: Jan 9, 2005
Unit: 2 HQ and Sigs, CFB Petawawa
Boot: St. Jean sur Richelieu (sp?), MOC training: Kingston
Dep: not yet, but possibly Feb 07

Edit: My 2 cents - Loving it all, planning to stay until they make me leave


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Mar 13, 2002
sFormerly Sgt., now Cadet Aguilera
Army National Guard & Army ROTC
12B Combat Engineer qualified, but in an Infantry unit at the moment
5 Years, 6 months TIS - 1 year activated, 4 years reserve, 6 months guard
C Co 1/124th Infantry
M249: expert
APFT: Currently only a 180 as I cannot do my run :wtc: fucking stress fractures
Deployments:panama and was supposed to go to Iraq, slipped through the cracks and ended up chilling in Jacksonville for a year.
Training: US Army Engineer School, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, the land that God forgot.

carpet muncher

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Aug 2, 2002
Surprise, AZ
Sgt. Davis - Honorabe Dis.
2818 - Computer Sys. Tech - PC/tactical office machine repair persons provide organizational level maintenance for equipment fielded to support tactical administrative, telecommunication and related functions, i.e., PCs, tactical copiers. Typical duties would be to diagnosis system faults and replace the Line Repairable Unit (LRU) and restore the system to operational status.
B-billeted as a 4068 - Data network technicians plan, design, install, optimize and troubleshoot Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, and link heterogeneous networks through the application of appropriate data and telecommunications hardware and software. This MOS is assigned and voided Only by the authority of CMC (MM) as a skill designator and will be assigned to Marines holding either primary MOS 2542, 2549, or 4066 after completion of the Advanced Networking Techniques Course.

AD for 6 years (1995-2001):
MCP at Camp Pendleton
10 months MOS traning at MCAGCC, 29 Palms
1 year Camp Fuji, Japan w/ HQ Bn
Remainder at Camp Pendleton w/ 1st FSSG, 1st Maint. Bn, ELMACO


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Nov 27, 2001
Wherever Freddie takes me
bah, bout time for me to post

Rank/Last Name - A1C Myers

Branch/active - USAF, Active

AFSC- 1A231, Aircraft Loadmaster. If it kills people and needs to get there really, really fast, we'll fly it.

time in service - Oct 03 enlistment, didn't get to Travis until Oct 04 :rofl:

current unit - Air Mobility Command, 22d Airlift Squadron, Travis AFB

deployments- none, but I've got about a dozen 2-week TDY's downrange, and a few to other cool places.

PFT/marksmanship - Good enough to be a Squadron PT leader. I can't shoot the M-9 worth crap.

whered you go to boot camp/tech school? - Lackland AFB, October, 2003. Lackland Medina Annex, November, 2003. Pensacola NAS, FL, February 2004. Fairchild AFB, WA, February, 2004. Altus AFB, OK, March 2004 - September 2004.

two cents? I'm trying right now to get my crosstraining package put through HQ AMC, but there's a holdup. I'm trying to either get into 3C0X2, Computer Programming, or 9S100, Technical Applications Specialist. God knows what the holdup at AMC is


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Sep 8, 2005
K-Zoo, MI
Guess it's my turn.....

Rank: SPC (p)
Last Name: -------
Branch:United States Army/medically discharged july 04
MOS: 14R Air Defense Artillery.....think of a Bradley with a Stinger missle pod replacing the TOW launcher
Time in service:3 years, 6 months. 7 month rotation in kuwait, 6 month invasion of Iraq
current unit: Ft. Couch....Used to be 3rd Infantry division
PFT/marksmanship: PFT: 275 out of 300 Marksmanship: 38/40 M16 distinguished with 25mm
whered you go to boot camp/tech school? Basic in Ft. Benning AIT in Ft. Bliss
deployments? if so where? See above
two cents? hell, I've spent more time in the VA hospital than I ever did at Sick call....and a tip for you soldiers who think that getting help for combat related issues is for pussies....talk to a Vietnam vet....let them tell you

Twisted STi

All wheel or no wheel
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Dec 17, 2004
Rank/Last Name - Cpl

Branch/active, reserve, DEP, retired, wannabe? - USMC, Active

MOS - numbers and name, and military description would be cool too (i just googled to find mine) 6046, [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Aircraft maintenance administration specialist maintain aircraft log books, naval aircraft maintenance publications/ files, and prepare reports, logs records, directives, and correspondence in an aircraft maintenance and repair activity.[/FONT]

time in service (specify if combo active/reserve/deployment) >3 years

current unit MALS-13 Yuma AZ

PFT/marksmanship I run 6 miles a year, piss off =P

whered you go to boot camp/tech school? PI / Meridian

deployments? if so where? umm, I went to 29 stumps for CAX for 2 weeks a few years ago...

two cents? I get out in 100 days :bowdown:
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Aug 27, 2002
Houston, Texas
Rank/Last Name Machinists Mate 3rd Class Submarines (MM3/SS)
Branch US Navy, DAV (Disabled Vet)
MOS - 3351/3355 Nuclear Field Machinist Mate, Nuclear Weld qualified
time in service (specify if combo active/reserve/deployment) 1993-1997

whered you go to boot camp/tech school? RTC Orlando, NFAS Orland, NNPS Orland, NNPTC Charleston, Nuclear Field Weld School Groton, CT

Station on board USS William H Bates SSN 680 Pearl Harbor, HI.
Dishcarged Sept 97 on medical, 2 major reconstruction on my knee was DQ'd Sea Duty but not Subs (got to keep my fish:bigthumb: )

Bates was a DDS boat, meaning we did Seal Ops with the DDS unit in Pearl Harbor.
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Mar 25, 2005
Rank: 2nd luitenant
Branch: CIS BN Heggelia, Norwegian Army (retired)
time in service ‘03’ – ‘05’
current unit: none
Marksmanship: rifle (g3)
Went to Rena camp and then transferred to Heggelia
Deplyments: Kabul, Afghanistan 04 - 05


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Oct 17, 2004
Rogers, Arkansas
Rank Lance Corporal
Last Name You're smoking crack
Active USMC
6212 Plane Captain Summary:Fixed-Wing aircraft mechanics, AV-8/TAV-8, inspect and maintain aircraft airframes and airframe components; and perform duties relating to flight line operations.
Entry Date: October 29, 2002
current unit:
PFT: 218
marksmanship: Currently in contestion... lets just go with Marksman
Boot Camp: MCRD San Diego, CA
A School: Nas Pensacola, FL
C School: MCAS Cherry Point, NC
With HMM-266 on 22ND MEU in 2004 to Khandahar, Afghanistan. Currently preparing for 24TH MEU this year, destination? God only knows.


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Apr 4, 2006
Ninja plz.
Rank/Last Name: SGT. Gieseke, Andrew
Branch: Active Army
MOS: 19D Cavalry Scout.

Major duties. The cavalry scout leads, serves, or assists as a member of scout crew, squad, section, or platoon in reconnaissance, security, and other combat operations. Leads scout vehicle crew and assists in leading scout squad. Serves as gunner, on CFV, ITV, TOW jeep, HMMWV, and M551A1.

Time in service: 5 Years active.
Current unit: 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment, Fort Carson, CO
APFT/marksmanship: 300/Expert
Whered you go to boot camp/tech school? Fort Knox, KY (OSET)
Deployments: 2 tours in Iraq (OIF I '03-'04, Husabyah, OIF III '05-'06 Tal'Afar)
Two cents: "If you ain't Cav... You ain't shit!"




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Jan 13, 2005
BRANCH: Mass Army Nat'l Guard
MOS: 11B (Unit is being converted to 19D so I'll have that soon.)
Current Unit: 1-182 INF (Oldest Infantry Unit in the Country btw :hsd:, at least until we become Cavalry.)
PT: 281 on 18 Sept 06
Basic Training: OSUT at Ft Benning,GA
Deployments: Currently in Kosovo until Nov 07

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Aug 25, 2002
Becker, MN
TSGT(E-6) Zee(nickname)
Air force (Reserve) Minneapolis-StPaul ARS
AFSC: 2T271 (Air Transportation Journeyman)
I'm the guy that gets you the fuck out of the AOR via the AMC system.
Now Home (for a while anyways)
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Jul 20, 2004
A1C (E-3) Soriano
Air Force AD
AFSC: 4B031 Bio Enviromental Engineering
Boot: Lackland AFB
Tech: Brooks-City Base San Antonio
No Deployments
Stationed: Edwards AFB, CA


Sep 10, 2005
United States Army
MOS: 97B
Unit: GSC 19th Special Forces (airborne)
Entry date: 2000
Current status: still in deep shit
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Ham Sarris

Social Justice Warrior
Sep 20, 2005
The Land of Fruits and Nuts
HS: C./Cmdr. - Unit XO/Drill Team Cmdr.
College: C./Lt.Cmdr. - Regiment Staff/ Drill Team XO
NROTC, Someday Active Navy
MOS - Haven't decided yet. Hopefully some day work for the Naval Historical Center specifically the Underwater Archaeology Branch.:o
Two Cents - Can't wait to get the fuck out of ROTC and get to work.

R KriLLz

Uncomfortable in my own skin.
Feb 6, 2002
as cheesy as it sounds... I couldn't stand just going to college during such an important time in history.
also, if you support the war on terror and you are able to enlist, you dont really have an excuse not to.

as of now, i dropped out after i got my associates. I'm currently training to not be a toothpick so i can get into an airborne unit and serve.

i plan on shipping out sometime around august.

Drunk Bastard Audio

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Oct 19, 2002
Southern Talibanistan
bigfodee said:
Rank/Last Name
Branch/active, reserve, DEP, retired, wannabe?
MOS - numbers and name, and military description would be cool too (i just googled to find mine)
time in service (specify if combo active/reserve/deployment)
current unit
whered you go to boot camp/tech school?
deployments? if so where?
two cents?
Navy - Active
NEC: 1121
9 years (June 16th, 1997)
West Pac and South Pac (aka Crack Pac)...to many countries to list

Enlistment is up next June, 2007...but I'm currently trying to get picked up for Army OCS.


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Aug 7, 2005
Active Army
25S Satcom
3 1/2 yrs
39th Sig Bn, Belgium
210 APFT, Expert 38/40
Basic: Ft.Benning Ait: Ft.Gordon
No deployments yet
two cents? If I could do it all over again I wouldve went Combat Arms


sho nuff
Jun 7, 2006
SSgt E-5 noname
2A673- Aircrew Egress Systems i work on ejection seats
7 years active duty
33d @ Eglin
keesler for 9 months, decided i didn't want to do radar maint. reclassed into egress... 6 weeks @ sheppard.
only stateside. kunsan for a year
two cents? i want another job

Coben Majere

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May 7, 2005
Sgt B
PA National Guard on Active Duty (Army)
15R AH-64 Mechanic
Acitve Duty 85-92 Pa Natl' Guard 93-current
1/104th Avn Task Force Talon
Boot = Fort Dix AIT = Ft Eustis Reclass = WAATS AZ
Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm and currently deployed in Kosovo, Camp Bondsteel :noes:


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Jul 8, 2005
Oklahoma City
i'll update mine too

AC2 (e5) Park,
USN Active
Air Traffic Controller, 6902 NEC (Carrier Controller). guess what my description is. was also an operations specialist. basically tracked surface contacts on a radar scope
been in 7years 11 months
currently assigned to NAS JRB Fort Worth, TX
PFT? i passed.
Pistol-236 out of a possible 240
Rifle-28 out of a possible 30 (first two shots the sights were off)
went to boot camp at Great Mistakes, IL. school in both damn neck, va and pcola, fl
3 six month mediterranean/gulf deployments. visited numerous nations, and a year long trip to diego garcia in '02/'03
my .02-is it over yet? christ i hate the navy. you guys have no idea until you walk in my shoes. i'd put up with army/marine bullshit if it gave me the chance to vent my stress on iraqi's, but this shit. i hate my bosses, i don't like my coworkers, and i have no social life.

joining the military was the biggest mistake of my life.

edit: reenlisting was the biggest mistake. looking back, the first four years were pretty good.

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