who are you?


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Jan 19, 2004
Rank/Last Name
Branch/active, reserve, DEP, retired, wannabe?
MOS - numbers and name, and military description would be cool too (i just googled to find mine)
time in service (specify if combo active/reserve/deployment)
current unit
whered you go to boot camp/tech school?
deployments? if so where?
two cents?
Might as well make an updated one...

Rank: LCpl
Branch: USMC
MOS: 0351 - Assaultman/Demolitions
Status: Active Duty
TIS: 2 years
Deployments: Afghanistan - 10 March 2008 to Present

My MOS is 0351 but there are no 0351 billets in a Weapons Co. so I have spent this entire deployment as a MK19 gunner and dismount team leader. Basically, I kick in doors and I blow shit up for a living. It's not as cool as it sounds.


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Sep 25, 2007
Columbia, MD
SFC Sims (E-7)
Army National Guard Active Duty
11B4 - Scout/Sniper.
time in service: 9 Years USMC, 4 years ARNG, 3 year ARNG Active Duty
current unit: Pentagon/National Guard Bureau
PFT/marksmanship: 283/ Expert, (M9, M16/M4) Qual - M24,
Parris Islan, SC: 1Bn I Co Plt 1109
deployments?: Somalia, Bosnia, Armenia, (15 other countries)



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Mar 24, 2008
13FL7 - JFO
9 years, 1 month

Updated because I got out March 2011!
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Nov 16, 2006
been here for a while and never saw this thread
Rank/Last Name Lt XXXXX
Branch/active, reserve, DEP, retired, wannabe? Air Force Active
time in service 4 years at the Academy, 1st year in the "real air force"
current unit 14FTW
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Oct 4, 2008
Sadr City
11M(B) mechanized
U.S Army
1st ID & 3rd ID
7 yrs
2x kosovo, 1x egypt, 1x kuwait, 2x iraq
currently private security in NE baghdad for last 22 months


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Oct 12, 2008
RANK/NAME...why the fuck should I tell you that..private?
13 years
marksmanship: rock thrower
Lost in the Wood
Deployment: Lots of sand..both side.
Love it..can't get enough of it. Thank you sir, can I have another?


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Jan 3, 2007
PFC xevresII, Joseph
Army, reserve
74D Chemical Operations: operates, performs operator maintenance or supervises the use of nuclear, biological and chemical detection and decontamination equipment, smoke generators, and assists in the establishment, administration, training and application of NBC defense measures.time in service (specify if combo active/reserve/deployment)
SINCGARs certified.
176th Med Grp, 2nd Med, ARMedcom
Trained at Fort Leonardwood, MO, and Tobyhanna, PA
no deployments, unit frequents Kosovo, however.
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Jul 15, 2004
WO1 Smith
Active Army
153A - Rotary Wing Aviator
Basic at Ft Benning
No deployments until I finish flight school in 18-24 months.

SSG Schwartz

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Nov 29, 2008
Paris, Texas
Rank/Last Name: SSG Schwartz
Branch/active, US Army Active
MOS - Primary: 68X, Mental Health, Current: 79R Recruiter
time in service (specify if combo active/reserve/deployment)
current unit: 9 Years Active Duty
PFT/marksmanship: 218/Sharpshooter
whered you go to boot camp/tech school?: Ft Benning/Ft Gordon and then Ft Sam Houston
deployments? if so where? One to Iraq
two cents?


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Nov 15, 2008
PFC. Wright
USMC / Active
MOS - 7242 Aviation Support Operations Operator
6 Months
PFT - 245/ Sharpshooter - 211
MCRD Parris Island / 29 Palms - ASTS


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Jun 23, 2004
Rank/Last Name: E-1 Jenkins
Branch/active, reserve, DEP, retired, wannabe? DEP until Feb. 11th, 2009.
MOS - 13F, Fire Support Specialist. I call in Artillery.
time in service: 1 day in the DEP
current unit: NA
PFT/marksmanship: NA
whered you go to boot camp/tech school: Ft. Sill for Basic and AIT
deployments? if so where?
two cents?

Glad to be going in already. Been talking about it waaay too long.


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Jun 21, 2008
Rank : Lance E-3
Branch : USMC- Reservist
MOS : 1833 AAV (Amphibious Asault Vechile) Crew Man - As members of an AAV crew or unit, AAV crewmen perform various duties incident to the operation and maintenance of assault amphibious vehicles and the up-gunned weapons station (UGWS) MK19 40 MM/50 CAL. M2. AAV crewman prepares AAVs for the tactical employment of troops and equipment during ship to shore movement and subsequent operations ashore.

Date of Entry : Jun 06 2006
Creepy because its 060606

Duty Stations :
Parris Island, SC - 1st Battalion Alpha Company - Plt 1064
Boot Camp

Camp Lejune, NC - Echo Company
MCT (Marine Corp Combat Training)

Camp Pendelton, CA - Schools Battalion
AmTrak School

PFT/Rifle : 229 First Class / 332 out of 350 - Sharp Shooter


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Nov 6, 2008
Austin, TX
Rank: 2nd LT
Branch: USMC
MOS: Hopefully infantry
PFT: 300
Training Camp: Officer Candidate School, MCB Quantico, Virginia (PLC-JR 2nd Inc. Summer '06, PLC-SR 2nd Inc. Summer '08)
Two Cents: The best advise given to me so far was by an Army Chaplain, "Every good officer needs a mistress."
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Rank/Last Name: Blundell. Current civilian delayed entry program. E-2 after bootcamp

Branch/active, reserve, DEP, retired, wannabe? DEP

MOS - 3500 Motor Transport "Marine Corps Motor Transport Operators are responsible to operate and supervise various wheeled vehicles to transport cargo, personnel and supplies. Some of your responsibilities as a motor transport operator will include: keeping detailed vehicle records, reading load plans, driving vehicles over all different types of terrains and roads, as part of convoys and combat operations."

time in service (specify if combo active/reserve/deployment)
current unit: n/a

PFT/marksmanship: n/a

whered you go to boot camp/tech school?: Bootcamp will be San Diego

deployments? if so where? n/a

two cents?
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Feb 14, 2009
First name : Kyle

Status: Civilian in DEP

Rank: E2 pay while in basic and E2 rank upon completion of basic

Rate: Hospital Corpsman


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Mar 23, 2009
Great Lakes, Illinois
Rank/Last Name: SN (E-3) Babb, tacking on my crow next month
Branch: USN/AD
Rate: - Fire Controlman
Time in: 8 months
PFT/marksmanship: 1.5 mile = <12 mins. 50/50
Boot/A School: RTC Great Lakes/TSC Great Lakes
Deployments: None yet.
Two Cents: I love the Navy for all the tradition - the bells, the fancy work on railings, etc... That, and I'm still proud to call myself a sailor. Hell, people see our dress uniforms and they immediately know who we are.


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Apr 6, 2009
E1 to E3 and back to E1/ Last Name Witheld
Army(Regular) Veteran
11B Infanrty
2 years, 5 months(10/99-03/02)
Proud owner of a DD214
PFT: Don't remember, but I always passed
Marksmanship: Qualified expert on M16A2, M4A2, M249, M240B, and M9
Bravo Company 2/19, Ft Benning GA
No deployments, just time spent in Charlie Company 2/27, Schofield Barracks HI


Apr 2, 2007
Portsmouth, NH
since ive posted a bit today i think i should introduce myself

im not currently in the service, but i have decided to join the AF.

little about myself, ive elnisted before, was denied at MEPS because i refused to lie about asthma. CMO said after 3 years of a clean record i should have no problem, now i cant decide if i want to enlist, or stick it out for 2 more years at school and go to OTS.

if anyone has any advise either way that would be awesome.


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Jun 1, 2009
SSgt Nickell
Air Force, Active Duty
2A571 - Aerospace Maintenance, B-52H Dedicated Crew Chief (glorified gas station attendant. service oil, gas, hydraulic fluid, change tires, do routine inspections, etc.)
Just Passed 7 years in the service
Fairford, England 2003 - Operation Shock and Awe, Operation Iraqi Freedom
Diego Garcia 2005 - Operation Enduring Freedom
Guam 2008-2009 - Operation Vacation, haha

two cents - God hates crew chiefs and Minot, ND but I still love working on old ass jets that can still bring tons of firey death from above!

Old World Order

SSG ********
Former Army
Primary: 35P (Cryptological linguist) Secondary: 35M (HUMINT)
Airborne/Air Assault. Time spent in Group, in Korea, and in the asshole of the world: Fort Bragg.
Deployments to the Philippines (2003)
Iraq (2003)
Afghanistan (2008)


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Feb 1, 2005

German Army (Heer), reserve
9 months of active service, part of the army since Oct 07
Marksmanship: Well, I scored gold with the G36
Boot Camp was in northern Thuringia
no deployments yet

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