Who else has a love/hate relationship with their parents?


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Aug 31, 2007
My mom is overbearing af. I have to be very careful with what I share with her because of it. For example: I tell her I'm getting over a minor cold and she goes, "Why are you sick? Are you not eating properly? Are you dieting? Are you not sleeping enough? Have you been to the doctor? You should go see a doctor and make sure it's not something serious." and on and on and on. Like that, but with everything.
Pretty much this



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Aug 1, 2005
Upstate CA
I put my parents through a hellish few years as a teen so they're amazing for being supportive through it all.

Mom is a sweetheart and we get along well.

Dad was always the helicopter parent. Pretty sure he has some issues about losing his dad when he was a kid. I think he's still constantly worried about me because of how I was in the past. Him and I butt heads a lot and he comes off as condescending so I don't really open up much. We still joke around and stuff but I always have an uneasy feeling around him which sucks.

I've just accepted that's how he is and I try to be polite and stay in contact. :hs:
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Jun 4, 2005
lol my dad tried to convince my mom to abort me then stole a car and disappeared and then my mom immediately gave me to my grandparents about 9 seconds after i was born so.

in this crew lulz

btw my grandparents were legit awesome raising me. i was spoiled AF. my grandma passed away a few years ago but my grandpa is still restoring cars and shit.
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Nov 30, 2004
The Great White North
Can't stand my mom.

Love her bc she's my mom.. but barely.

So fucking annoying. Argue with her constantly.

like 1/10 good interactions.

i hate old people.

My dad was my best friend but he passed in 2003. Not close with my mom who has been an alcoholic since my dad started having health issues (also runs in her side of the family). We are just very different people and we're just not compatible personalities. I made weekly visits to see her since my Dad passed away but haven't really had any interaction from her and I finally gave up early this year before the covid stuff happened. Haven't spoken to her all year. Sounds very similar to your situation.
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May 5, 2000
Pittsburgh, PA
I don’t hate them but the favoritism they (Mostly my mom) show my brother vs me is annoying as hell.

Prime example, I moved in with them for a couple months after college, paid $700/mo in rent. My brother did the same after law school they didn’t charge him any rent.

My grandparents and aunt both saw this from an early age. My wife sees it too. Is what it is.

I'm that one with my mom- and my sister resents her for it.

On the flipside, my dad clearly favors my sister. But my sister's broke AF, and i have a feeling that's why.


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dad is so easy going and cool

mum is hard work. controls dad. she has health issues which make her even harder to deal with. ALWAYS has an opinion and is NEVER wrong. Dwells on all that is bad in the world. Wants to talk politics and wonders why she has few friends

both love Trump and they aren’t even American. they hate gays and anything that isn’t deemed ‘normal’. They aren’t religious yet seem to think things need to done in that ‘traditional’ sense

love them still..somehow. Old man better not fall off the perch first .. I’ll show him how to live if he is ever around solo


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Jul 22, 2006
Dad lives with me. I built him a 300sqft detached in-law apartment in my back yard. He drives me nuts sometimes, but we mostly get along. Biggest issue was he got laid off in march, started dating a woman who got laid off from the same place at the same time, and basically moved her in with him. I kept reminding him that he lived with us, it wasn't his property, and I didn't want a tenant, he was here because he was family. She had mental health issues, and wouldn't even acknowledge my wife or kids. She would just drink all night and sleep all day in his apartment. Finally had to put my foot down after I found a change of address form in the mail saying she'd changed her address to ours. It wasn't pretty, and we were at each others throats for about a month. I made it clear she wasn't welcome here after trying to change her address to mine. She is a grifter bum who still lives with her parents at the age of 50. She has a drug addict bum son, so I knew as soon as she moved in, he wouldn't be long behind her. He goes over to her place on Friday nights now, and we don't talk about her.

After my parents split my mom would latch on to whichever man gave her any attention. After some really shitty ones, she finally ended up with a fairly nice guy who owns some property, a nice house, etc. However he had a stroke a few years ago, so she has to take care of him a lot. And even though she finished a BS degree a few years ago, she refuses to leave her part time secretary job because she feels like she owes the owner something because he was flexible with her hours when she had breast cancer.
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May 8, 2013
Mom is awesome. Dunno what I'm gonna do when she passes.

Didn't talk to my dad for several years. He was a mean, selfish, asshole who beat me with a belt till I was black and blue. However, he's an old man now. He's basically blind and feeble. I forgave him quite a while back, and we have a good relationship now, but the pain he cause will always be there.

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May 28, 2006
in the clouds
My mom is a saint and by far the strongest person I’ve ever know. My dad is the shit and we get along great 95% of the time but we’ve definitely had our fights over the years

Dr. Charisma

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Dec 28, 2003
My mother and I pretty much hated each other for a long time until I went away to college. Now that we're both older I see her or talk to her maybe once a week and we get along fine.

Having no one else left and needing me for financial support has taken a lot of the fight out of her.

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