Why am I having problems burning a boot DVD?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by skolen, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. skolen

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    I have a G5 w/the installer disc and I also have an iBook 800mhz that was given to me free (as in beer).

    In the past, I just target booted the iBook into the G5 and ran the installer from there. But I want to do a clean install right from the DVD and the one I have will only work on a G5 (hence the target boot install; it only sees it as a drive CONNECTED to the G5).

    So I downloaded a retail version of 10.4.1 and burned the image to DVD. Computer sees all the files fine but just won't boot to it. I had this same problem when making a Leopard disc too, what's the dealio?
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    try burning the disc in Disk Utility
    and make sure it's bootable

    not sure if you can do it in Toast (assuming you're using toast)
  3. skolen

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    Well, I fingured it out. When you have the image you want to burn mounted, right-click and "Get Info". Down in the Privileges section there's an option ticked off about some permissions being copied or something (not in front of me now). Well that should be unchecked. Otherwise it won't copy the boot files needed.
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    I dont see any option like that...
  5. skolen

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    I'm on my G5 now so I can pull it up:

    The checkbox on the very bottom:

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