ART why are some people more photogenic than others?


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Mar 23, 2007
Because some people are better looking than others? But then you have to look at social stereotypes of beauty, which varies.

So I guess it just depends upon perspective.


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Feb 12, 2006
photogenic deals with just the appearance of a person, not their mannerisms, 'aura', or personality.

And yes, your personality comes out in the way you appear to other people because of the way you hold yourself, and the way you move.

A picture is just that. A picture. It doesn't tell any of the story of the person.

However, in some portraits, the really good ones, you can capture a persons personality. Whether it be with a smile, gesture, or glimmer in their eye.

And that portrait will always be better than one without that personality, regardless of the persons photogenic appearance.


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Mar 8, 2006
Calgary, AB
I don't exactly agree, some people are not as beautiful in real life and more photogenic than others.

A lot of people have ugly "forced smiles", there are tons of little things that makes someone not as photogenic as another one, even if they are twins.. a lot of those can be corrected when instructed how to, like thinking baout keeping eyes wide opened after flash so you don't have half closed eyes, or moving your chin forward for a guy so you don't have a double chin, etc.


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Oct 3, 2001
I've wondered that too. I know plenty of nice looking girls who I just can't get a good picture of, but plenty of average looking girls who look great in pictures. I think nice hair is important, as well as the "right" makeup.


why are some people shy and others are outgoing?

why are some hot girls conservative and others are sluts?


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Jun 23, 2006
I have a friend who has done some modeling, and in pictures she is absolutely gorgeous, but in real life... she's just average. It's the weirdest thing.

And I don't mean airbrushed or retouched pics. I mean just regular pics that you take with a digital camera.

I've also seen the opposite... I have other friends who are very attractive but they don't photograph well.


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Sep 14, 2002
redna said:

this is very important, people with the pi number in their proportions are always photogenic and generally accepted as good looking becuase their are pleasing to the eye, despite their eye color or hair...

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