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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by brew, Feb 20, 2004.

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    I'm new here :wavey: I've been visiting OT, but never really posted much. Until I found this forum, I never really wanted to post, had too much fun reading.

    Anyways on to my post. Why do you body mod? Meaning, what turns you onto piercings, tattoos and other forms of body mods. Does your tat have to have a meaning to get it, or do you lust like the design, or is it your artwork you never want to lose, etc.

    What about piercings, do they have to function, look good, or have a meaning to you.

    I have 3 tattoos, 4 piercings. My one tattoo on my upper middle back, I really liked the design and my wife had a sun in the same spot, so I got a different design, but still a sun. I just got 2 nautical stars (I don't know the name for the muscle it's on) between my shoulder and my neck. I posted a picture in the post your tattoo thread. Next I want to get some flames on my calf wrapped all the way around. I think, still thinking of what else I could get, but I just like the look of some colorful flames crawling up the leg.

    My piercings, both ears, got one when I was in high school and got the other one done when I was 18. I have my nipple and a PA with a 4ga in it. I got the nipple done with my wife (her nipple rejected later :wtc: ) and I loved the rush of my body being pierced! Then about a year ago, I read about PA's and the extra benefits, plus it looks awesome, plus I loved the rush. It took a little bit for my wife to be ok with it, pretty much after I sat her down in front of BME and do some research on it she was cool with it. I know she is glad I got it done! I love the post piercing "high" both my wife and I do. She got her nipple, tragus, and hood pierced, which she is totally in love with.

    Well I am glad to find this place!

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  2. S.N.A.F.U.

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    my piercings do not define who i am but I wear them like little badges of honor. They are just a part of life...something I did. My tattoos however, ...I love them. They reflect a part of me. They are special
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    I always end up getting a tattoo or piercing when I am having a difficult time with myself or life of whatever. Its almost like a therapy. Oscarthegrouch just about took the words right out of my mouth. Its all about individuality to me as well.
  4. I like the decorated look. It has also worked out as a social shield, the people who look at the piercings I have and don't want to talk to me, are the people I didn't want to talk to anyways. It also attracts some attention, and for a kid who was sort of invisible in school and what not it is nice to get noticed.
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    Decorations, sensation, and memories. I like how they look ( i have 18 piercings and a tattoo), I like how they feel ( getting them, healing them, Wearing them) and most mark some sort of event for me. Almost every piercing I have marks a day or a certain time in my life that I deemed life altering or important, and my tattoo sort of holds the ideas I held when I got it 9and remains to have special meaning to me).

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