why is my computer being stupid!!

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  1. Okay, so recently, something has been dieing. I have had to reformat the computer maybe 10 times in the last month and a half. And its usually, I have to trick the computer into doing it, its never easy. It started off saying the IDE check failed, and it couldnt find a HD, so I fucked with the wires, and nothing, so I fuck around some more and finnally I get it to work. Now, I put the cover back on and maybe a week later, it says it cant find the HD, now I havent touched the wires at all. So I go in, fuck with the wires, and it works, I have to format though. But every time I try to format my whole partion it wont work, the only way I could get it to work was by making the first partion 1gig and the 2nd partion the remainder (~59 gigs) Every time I tried to make it the full 60, it wouldnt work.

    All was fine until about a week ago. Its now saying windows is corrupted, or its missing a certain file. So I try and format with the XP disc, but the same shit happens, I try to format and it says it cant find a hard drive, or the harddrive cant be formated or some stupid shit. Im tired of this.

    Do you think its the hard drive? I do. would maybe going in with a can of compressed air and cleaning everything out help at all?
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    sounds like you hard drive is jacked. I would buy a western digital 80gb special edition.. You can find them for about 80$
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    ya get a new hd :)...you can get some cheap ones, especially with mail in rebates

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