Why my pc Locks Up and FREEZES

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by BoostAddict, Sep 5, 2007.

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    My PC is pretty old, but ran fine until a couple months ago. Before it would ock up ONLY when I was watching wmv's but now it happens randomly. What happens is it would freeze and I would have to power down by puling the plug or switching it off. What I wanna know is..where can I find out what's causing it. When I boot up, Windows gives me a "System just recovered from a serious error" message. I'm pretty PC savvy but not in depth about it. This used to happen when some capacitors started bulging on one of my new video cards. So now I have to run on an older 64mb card...you think maybe since its so old, the caps are startin to fail on this one also and causing the problem? I wanna know if I can run a diagnostic on my desktop before I tear this table apart to access my tower.
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    Older computer = good chance the power supply is failing.

    But here's something you can try in the meantime.

    See if you're getting any error messages in computer management.

    Right click on my computer > left click on manage >

    on the left side, double click event viewer >

    Right click application > clear all events >

    Right click system > clear all events > close out computer management >

    Wait until the next time it freezes up on you go back into event viewer >

    Double click both application and system and look for yellows and reds.

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