A&P Wide angle lens for car show.

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by CombatWombat, May 30, 2007.

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    Should I get one?

    So GoodWood Festival of Speed is a few weeks away, and I'm definately going. It's a car show with a hill climb which a number of the show cars will run. But I think it would be a good time to invest in a wide angle for shooting the cars in the Padocks.

    Current lenses stand at


    And I'd take the 50, 18-70, and the 70-300

    I'm not entirely keen on blowing £300 ($600, if you include the tax on british slaes) atm, I'm trying to save, even though this lens is high on list of priorities.

    Maybe I should sell the 105mm Macro, I bought it well under it's value off one of my mum's friends. And could get at least £200 for it.

    The 70-100 is pretty good as a Macro, it has a dedicated close focus feature, but the 105mm is just so sharp.

    If anyone here shoots car shows, I'd be interested as to your thoughts on a wide angle lens for this use.

    Maybe I'm just wasting my time/money?

    Opinions please. [​IMG]
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    use the 18-70. It will work well. you should be able to stand almost within a few feet of the side of the car and get it all in. works well in crowds.
    Dont get rid of the 105. great lens... why mess with it?
    I would skip the 50mm unless you are taking shots in teh evening. leave it at home.
    The 70-300 will work well once the cars get on teh road... looks like you are pretty well set.

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