SRS Wierd addictions.

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Landshark, Sep 15, 2004.

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    OK, I know drugs are the main topic of conversation in this thread, but do any of you have hobbies or suchlike which have taken a big hold on you?

    I fear that I might be addicted to football, and Manchester City FC, but is it a bad thing?

    Finances wise, it is not good. Last season cleaned me out. I went to every single game we played, 56, plus friendlies in Holland. Wales, Poland and Belgium in the UEFA cup put me into debt. I've not missed a home game at Maine Road (old ground) or CoMs (new stadium) since 1998, and I spend far too much money going away to shitholes to see the team. I know my record isn't that good. All the homes since 1998, and around 90 percent of the aways per year.

    Socially, it is a great thing. I'm a happy go lucky person, and MCFC are a good conversation icebreaker. Its something us working class can bond with. I've met hundreds of thousands of City fans, and they know me. With my 'We never win at home or away' City shirt on or my blue hoodie. Always end up chatting, then we usually hit the town after the game. Example. When I went to Belgium last year I walked into the boozer, and everyone there treated me like I was a long lost brother who had been saved from hanging. That terrace camaderie makes me have a reason to live, other than girls, my career ambitions and suchlike.

    Mentally, I've got to the point where I'm wondering if this is an addiction. I'm constantly eating, sleeping and breathing football, and I have been doing so since 1992. First thing I think about other than sex or whatever is football. When I buy the paper, I flick to football, when I'm online, Man City websites are first call of the day. Or I'm organising away day travel with friends, or getting people to come.

    I think I'm addicted, but I can get away with it because being addicted to football doesn't carry the social stigma of drugs or whatever, but sometimes I really wish it wasn't this way. When I stand on a crap away terrace getting soaked, I say to myself 'Why did I go'. Of course there are magical moments where we pull off an amazing win (Spurs 3:4 City for example) where I feel like for the first time ever I am alive. When City's fourth goal went in for example I remember writhing about like a maggot, with 2000 others, hugging and just making gutteral noises totally consumed in ecstasy.

    So, what about you? :)
    PS. Look out for me at Crystal Palace away. :big grin:
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    Yea its definitely possible and probably more common than you may think... if you continue doing the behavior even though in moments of clarity - you really don't want to - then its more than likely an addiction.

    How is it affecting your life? I mean, is it impacting your goals?
  3. O'Fuck

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    Strip clubs.

    I can't afford them, but I keep going.

    Once there, I lose control. Whatever budget I set for myself usually goes out the window once I'm inside the club. I'm so desperate for human contact these days, and at the moment the only way I can get it is to pay people to pretend to like me. Pretty pathetic.

    I haven't been in awhile, and don't plan to go back anytime soon. But then I've said that many times.
  4. I am addicted to sex and Xanax
  5. lonelymuzi

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    I have been addicted to a girl,I think I can do anything for her
  6. I was addictedto a guy for five years, no matter how badly he treated me. Thought I could do anything for him, but he's sucked the life out of me...

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