Wierd LAN problem.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Ancoats, Jan 9, 2007.

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    Hi guys, been stuck on this problem for a few days, with no-one seemingly knowing how to fix it.

    I left home for University in September and took my computer with me. Connecting it to the LAN/Internet was fine then as I was assigned an IP/Subnet/Gateway and DNS number and I could connect to the network and to programs such as Firefox / IE / MSN / Steam that used the internet. Not a problem at all.

    I then took my computer home with me for the xmas break, and to connect to my network back there I had to let the network assign me a dynamic IP, but I made sure I saved my University IP address and settings for when I got back.

    Now here is the problem. I have come back to University, changed the IP settings, have a good connection to the LAN (data is being sent and recieved) and can access Steam for Counter-Strike and play on servers without any connection issues at all.

    Yet this is where it turns weird. For some reason Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer cannot connect to any webpages, and I cannot connect to MSN at all.

    I have:

    1. Re-installed Firefox. Same problem
    2. Turned off the Windows Firewall to see if this was the problem. Still couldnt view web-pages or get onto MSN with it turned off.
    3. Re-added all the malfunctioning programs to my exceptions list in the Firewall. Even when I deleted all my programs from the exceptions list, on re-boot the only programs to ask if I wanted to unblock it from the firewall were steam and bittorrent.

    I have consulted the network 'admin' at my dorm, who gave me the very 'helpful' advice of finding someone who might know about this sort of thing. No use so far.

    Does anyone know what might be the problem here and how to fix it?

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    Start => Run => "cmd.exe"

    c:\> ipconfig /release
    c:\> ipconfig /flushdns
    c:\> ipconfig /renew
    c:\> exit

    Report back with results.
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    Has to be the DNS server. And I can't believe a University is giving out static IPs to computers on campus.

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