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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Conrad10781, Oct 18, 2006.

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    I figured I would ask this question here, because I have always had great experiences with knowledgable people in every field so far.

    I have a client who just aquired 3 apartment complexes (4 including the one he already owned) on a stretch of road that is < 1 mile long.. In each complex there is ~ 10-15 buildings.. All equal height to adjacent buildings etc. There are a few trees in between the complexes not the between the buildings withing the complexes.. But being that the road almost goes up a 40 degree incline up a huge hill, I don't think they are really that much of a obstacle.

    What the client is looking for is essentially each individual complex to have its own mesh network within its buildings, and connect each adjacent complex throughout the <1 mile stretch using unidirectional antennae's, or omnidirectional if they can provide more redundancy given the circumstances/layout.

    The problem is not soo much getting help/advice on what parts to use, as much as we are at a standstill on the job, as we can not find anyone who is fully qualified to do some testing in the area on existing RF interference, and a more detailed idea of the parts required etc. We have called Cisco, and a few others, while Cisco didn't want to charge to come out, they can't make it until Early December, in which we won't be able to do the work with the snow. Others that could come out in a few days to a early week, want to charge as high as $2,500 for them to come out.. (Though the good news is if we accept their "bid" the $2,500 can be used towards it, otherwise its lost)

    Essentially if I could find someone, or even find someone who knows someone who could visit and/or cover the Orange county NY area for a day or so, for a estimate, this would be of great help. If at least I could get some input as to maybe some contractors people have had experience with (if anyone on offtopic has had such experience), that would be immensely valuable

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