Will a stroked or head/cammed engine respond to bolt ons as well as a stocker...?

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Buick Muscle, Dec 20, 2003.

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    I am doing research right now, and I had a question pop up that I was wondering if you guys could cover. Now with an LS1 engine, you have your peeps out there that are running some pretty decent streetable times with bolt ons. (F.T.R.A., Lid, Throttle body, pulley kit, etc etc) It is not uncommon to see a 10-13 HP increase respectivly for each of these bolt ons. This is on a completly stock engine.

    My question is that that if you were to put a head/cam package on a base LS1 engine, (or even just a cam package), will the engine see the same substantial gain from bolt ons in its modded phase, or will the power derived from these go down proportionally to the extra power that is being exerted from the engine itself.

    It would seem that 10 HP from a bolt before a head/cam package is a deal, but if you only pull 1/3 or even 1/2 that power after power is added to the engine itself, is the bolt on even still worth the $$$?
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    Typically, yes i would imagine. If you are doing a heads/cam/intake car with stock TB and stock airbox and stock exhaust etc., then you are no longer being bottlenecked by the heads/cam/intake, but now it is the exhaust/TB/airbox/etc..
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    I figure that an engine with cams/stroker kit/head pkg would respond better to bolt ons. Most of them, anyway.

    I'll use a cai as an example. On a cammed engine, the cams have a longer duration to let more air and fuel in. The cai lets the engine take in more/cooler air.

    Since the cammed engine has a longer duration to let in more air/fuel than a stocker, it gets even more/cooler air than a stock one.

    Bigger stroker motors have larger displacement(duh), and since the extra displacement already makes more power than the stock one, it can be assumed in most cases that the cai would help even more.

    With a head pkg, the same can be assumed. With better flow through the cylinder head, the motor can take in more air/fuel than a stocker. With a cai, you get even more/cooler air.
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    If you add a cam, and then modifications to help the motor breath better (i.e. LS6 intake, lid, ported MAF, ported TB, or even ported heads) the engine will respond by making more power than if you added those bolt-on's without a cam.

    Always remember that when modifying your car, you need to pick pieces that work well together. If you put a small 226/226 .560/.560 on a 112 LSA cam in your motor and then you buy a pair of Stage 3 LS6 heads, you're power band is going to suck.

    You've got to pick parts that work together to accomplish your goals. :)
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    the built motor will respond better to the little bolt on mods,

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