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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Nefarious77, Feb 4, 2006.

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    I have a box at home I just installed the mentioned OS on to learn a bit about active directory. My question is this - What is the easiest way to setup folder redirection? I tried setting up a folder called USERS and gave everyone full control, then I opened the gpo and edited the folder redirection snap-in to do the basic-create a folder and pointed it to \\domain\users\. I did this for all 4 items and then logged in from a laptop using xp to the domain. I changed my desktop, start menu, and saved a file in my documents. Once logged off, I went back to the server and checked the USERS folder and it still remained empty. What am I doing wrong?

    Next, what is the point of roaming profiles when folder redirection makes things quicker by not having to copy the entire profile over?

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    Did you assign the GPO to the machine and users? Is the GPO linked to the OU with the user accounts in it or the OU with the computer accounts in it?

    As to Roaming profiles: the reason is folder redirection doesn't cover user registry settings and such, plus if you use a laptop folder redirection can suck if it's not setup properly. Roaming profiles cache (unless you tell them not to).
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    Folder Redirection stores "special folders" (like My Documents, etc.) on the network so they don't have to be synchronized constantly. Roaming Profiles allow user settings to migrate from one computer to the next so users don't have to manually reconfigure every computer they work at. Offline Files allows the user to download the contents of their redirected folders when they log on and upload the modified contents when they log off, so they always have the most current copy of their files when they unplug their computer and go away from the network.

    It's a trifecta from hell. The portal to the unholy domain will not be complete until all three components work properly.

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