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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by curtis_rak, Apr 23, 2004.

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    I am part of a small deployment team where I work, and we are migrating 2200 users from Windows NT to Windows XP. Right now we are using Win 2K server, and will continue to use it (no server upgrade)

    We are about 2 weeks away from our 50-user pilot, have tested compatibility with all of our applications, and everything is cool. However, we have hit a bit of a speedbump.

    When we take an exisiting NT user account, and log into XP, we are experiencing some corruption of the 'roaming' profile. Start menu items disappear, printers go missing, shortcuts become corrupt, and we have had issues where the user cannot send email from Outlook 2003 after logging into XP with the NT account for the 1st time.

    Has anyone done a rollout in a similar environment? experienced any of these issues?
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    Unfortunately because of ALL the differences within XP - NT (Mainly security issues) there is no way to get a roaming profile to work exactly as it should by just logging on to a PC with it (And whatever you do - don't go from a XP station to NT, that's even worse).

    However, one solution would be to write a script that takes all this information and exports it from the NT machine to a share on the network, then reimport on the users login into XP. Shouldn't be that difficult as the registry is pretty well documented for the features you are trying to access (And you can use the Regmon tool as well).

    Another solution would be to use the User State Migration tool:
    It's meant to go from NT4 -> XP in a corporate environment.

    If you need anymore help, I'm from that DSM board you mod, you can PM me there if you like.
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    We had a meeting with the City of Edmonton, who did the same thing about 4 months ago, and basically they told us, unless we have a ton of time, just to not allow the users to login to NT at all once they have been migrated. It just causes too many headaches.

    ...All I said was...amen to that.

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