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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Chadnel25, Jun 13, 2004.

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    i ran an windows update and it found that i need the newest VTI or VDI drivers i think, so i downloaded the driver and it began to install. it got to the 2nd bar on the install and reset my computer. so when it rebooted, the sound didnt work. so then i did a system restore and the sound came back and i tried the windows update once more to make sure it wasnt something i did.

    did the same thing as the first time. only thing now is that when it rebooted, my sound didnt work, and i can't get my system restore to load. and when i open my computer, it just searches and searches for folders with the flashlight icon. my AIM pops up as soon as the computer boots, but thats all.

    my question is.... is there another way to do a system restore, maybe with the win XP pro cd, or before windows fully boots and i log in. or do i need to boot up in safe mode, which i rather wouldnt do.

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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    You can try accessing system restore in safe mode. Or boot off the XP CD and choose r=repair at the SECOND point where you could choose repair. The one you want is where it detects your existing installation (probably c:\windows) and asks if you want to repair it, delete the partition, or install Windows.
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    Do you mean VIA drivers?
    Don't ever trust M$ for drivers like these. I tried it once for my on-board AC'97 audio and I ended up losing sound. Hell, after I reinstalled XP Windowsupdate was offereing (still is I think) nVidia drivers from 2003.

    If you did mean VIA drivers, go here and get the VIA Hyperion drivers aka 4-in-1 drivers.
    If it's the audio drivers that Windowsupdate is offering, you can find those there as well. And in which case it sounds like you have VIA AC'97 audio, my best suggestion for that is to go get a real sound card...I hate AC'97 audio big time.

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