Win2K - "memory cannot be written" error

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by -=MagMan=-, Jan 30, 2004.

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    This is the machine configuration first off...

    Dell Latitude CPI-R400GT Notebook w/ 256MB Kingston RAM & Toshiba 30GB fuild-bearing hard drive, running Windows 2000 Pro SP4.

    I keep getting a "memory cannot be written" error when trying to run and/or install various programs, mostly smaller ones. The problem appears to be getting worse with use, and I have already discounted RAM as an issue as I have swapped both chips out with known good chips and still have the same effect. I have run diagnostics on the hard drive and have found nothing wrong since it is a brand new unit.

    I have also tried removing all PC Cards from the notebook, disabling hardware accelleration on the video card, and unloading all optional system services without sucess.

    If anyone has a clue what's going on, I would deeply appreaciate it. Thanks in advance!

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