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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 2000GT, Dec 13, 2007.

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    I am looking to create some sort of fail over in the event one of my servers at the office crashes due to hardware or software issues.

    My setup:

    1. SBS 2003 server - mirror OS / Raid 5 data - utilize as DC and uses exchange, and IIS.
    2. SQL 2000 server - Uses SQL database for call centre application

    I have other servers that are not critical they don't need to be redundant in the same sense, but these two servers need to have fail over. Due to the limitations of SBS, I am unable to create a load balancing network with a fail over DC.

    The options I have thought of:

    1. VMWare - Purchase a third server with tons of power and use P2V to image the current servers. In the event one goes down, I can turn on this server and run the respective server virtually until I fix the broken server. This would entail me copying my latest data to the VMServer using my back up at the time of the crash. (I have nightly backups of everything)

    2. Purchase a third server, purchase windows software and rebuild the architecture of the system using multiple DC's and getting rid of SBS. I would have to purchase many licenses for use of exchange and sql on multiple systems as well.

    Overall the cost of option 1 is very little in comparison to option 2; however, option 2 seems like a more common practice and perhaps a safer way to go.

    What other options can you suggest?

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