Windows XP intallation Hangs after first reboot HELP!!!

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by gtfc113, Feb 14, 2003.

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    hey guys i just bought a new MSI motherboard and Celeron 1.7Ghz processor to upgrade my old system and i swapped out the old power/motherboard/processor for all the new stuff and i go to restart my computer like normal and i get a blue screen that says to check my hard drives and stuff like that and remove any new hard drive controllers and restart. well after fiddling around with the master/slave configurations cuz i realized they were in the wrong order, nothing worked. i decided to reformat and do a clean install of windows xp. well i boot from the cd and do the first part of the install (format/select partition/copy files) then it restarts automatically like normal but then after the WindowsXP logo/loading screen when it's supposed to continue setup, all it does is hang on the light blue screen with my mouse pointer on it. i can move the mouse around but nothing happens. setup doesnt continue. what is the problem? also, i had to go get a new AGP video card because my old one would fit in the new motherboard.

    any help would be GREATLY appreciated. :bowdown:

    i am at school right now searching frantically for anything on this topic but coming up with nothing.
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    Were you able to successfully format the drive? I did *kind of* the same thing you did [except with Win2000], and it required a lot of fiddling and shoehorning to get it to work.

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