Windows XP X64 inputs?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Harry Pothead, Oct 28, 2005.

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    I've just built my computer and right now its just sitting there, and i'm debating weither to stick with xp pro, or load it up with x64. I've done some research about it but i'm still kinda iffy with x64. They have most programs for x64 but some things won't work or they are sluggish. Does anyone have any inputs of x64?

    Does anyone know when its suppose to come out too?? Because if its going to be a couple months down the road, i would have to reformat my harddrive to load it up.

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    It's ok as long as you can find the drivers you need, don't forget about printers and scanners. That was the big reason I dropped it, epson didn't have drivers for x64 at the time and I couldn't even print to a network printer connected to a server, so saving a document on the network and then logging onto another machine to print got old very quickly, same with no software for my logitech kb and mouse.

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