STYLE winter boots - waterproof, warmish, decent looking

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Sep 13, 2001
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I still can’t belive I got a notice from fedex that the recipient of my shoes was deceased when I tried to send mine back :rofl:

Top of mind, too, and screaming at me when my dumb drunk ass ordered this new bullshit. :rofl:

Are your lazy Mocs crepe sole'd? Cause i just got an email response from the owner they they're not doing resoles right now :hsd:
guess I'll just blow the soles out this year and toss them, or buy a couple crepe sheets and find someone willing to give it a go. I lived in those things all last summer :wtc:

Mine are chromepak or something along those lines and I also live in them during the summer when I'm not in something Rancourt. Thankfully I stopped wearing them for extended periods out of the house so the soles are still in good shape and should hopefully last me a while longer.


The last thing I'd do is toss the ones you have. Even if you contact MMM for a resole and send them in never to be seen again, at least there's a shot at getting the fuckers back at some point. :dunno:

No way I'm fitting in a M65 without looking like a fat fuck :/

The Railcar in XXXL will fit. I'm a 50-52 jacket with a giant gut and the XXL fits, but only allows for a t shirt underneath it. I was too lazy to send it back for the larger size.

Lit Wick87

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best deal on shoe trees currently? jos a bank are 25 bucks now :/
I prefer the split toe ones from Nordstrom rack.
I pulled a slotho and ordered a JaB suit a week or two ago because it was $90 shipped even though I knew it would be a POS.
Not the worst thing in the world if I’m being honest. I might keep it around for the few times a year I need one.

It was worth it solely for the fact that my SO said

“lit you got a package from Jose Bank?”
-uhhh what? Who?
“Jose Bank?”

I had forgot I even ordered it and fucking lost it when I realized
What she was saying :bowrofl:

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