WinXP Manual VPN Setup HELP!

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Cronin, Sep 28, 2004.

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    I was wondering if it was possible to setup a VPN using WinXP from just commands from the command prompt... NOT using the network setup wizard.

    i know how to use "netsh" in command prompt to setup basic LANs (change IP address and so on) but not VPNs... i have read up on the concept of VPNs, so i do have an idea of what i'm doing.

    On a side note... i was wondering if it was possible to create a virtual network within an existing cabled network.

    For example... i have a small office network with 20 computers... ips .. I want 5 of those computers to have their own additional seperate IPs... say, ... but still be able to communicate with the 172 machines... and still have a private connection between the 5 machines.

    So as you can see.. i'm not interested in making a typical VPN (like a tunnel access between 2 networks through the internet.)
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    You can easily do that, each network adapter can have multiple IP addresses. THe only real question is how secure it is since you're on the same physical network and it would be just a matter of adding an IP address into the network settings for the non 10.x.x.x computers. But lock that out and you're good to go.

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