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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by jopache1, Jan 26, 2004.

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    i am about to buy a laptop that has built in 802.11g. i want to share my cable internet connection with the laptop and the computer and want to do it in the cheapest way possible. i have noticed that equipment for 802.11b is cheaper than stuff for 802.11g(the router and the cards,btw how good are the usb adapters for this purpose?) if i got a 802.11b adapter for my comptuer and a 802.11b router, would it work with the laptop that has 802.11g built in to it? i was looking at 802.11b because it is cheaper and i do not really need the extra speed, all i will do is internet connection sharing and the occasional file sharing between the two.
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    Screw 802.11b and g. I'm waiting for 802.15d :) 50km transmission distance with "hundreds" of mbs.

    From what my friend has told me, G is supposed to be able to drop down to the B protocol when needed. It depends on how well the manufacture implemented the protocols. I'd think by today if you picked up any G gear off the shelf, it should be able to handle B. Although someone correct me if I'm wrong...

    Does your computer already have a network card installed? If so, I'd say just get a wireless router. Using cable, plug the computer into it. And have the notebook connect to the router via wireless. If it doesn't have a network card installed, you'll want to find out if you want to pay the price for a wireless gadget to plug into your computer or if you just want to pay $10 or $20 for a nice wired card (I've seen ads for MicroCenter were you can get a $10 10/100 NIC for free with rebate - depends on how cheap you want to go and what risks you're willing to take).
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    Netgear and others have 150mpbs APs out already. ;)

    Anyhoo, B will work fine for you. G will work with most B cards as well (as long as its set to do so).

    Unless you move ISO-sized files regularly, anything more than B would not be worth it IMO. Your internet speed is way less than 10mb anyway.
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    yeah i was thinking of getting the router... plugging cable modem into router, plugging computer into router(if it has the ports to do so) and then being able to use the laptop via the 802.11g/b but the routers are cheaper for b and i dont really need teh extra speed, this is why i asked, i also plan on putting another ocmputer in my house soon and would set this one up wirelessly to. not much filesharing is going to be done, mostly internet connection sharing. so what im gettin at this is there will be a settin in the 802.11g laptop that will allow it to work with the 802.11b wirelss router?
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