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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by zero xeal, Aug 14, 2003.

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  1. zero xeal

    zero xeal Guest

    Im sure many of you have had the problem where there isnt a phone jack in your room, or its on the other side and getting wire there is a pain or mabey you found a pay phone less than a block away that has its telco box behind it and you want a free second phone line(just dont get caught)

    so lets say you decide to buy one
    you could go here or a site that sells almost the same exact thing

    so say you want that second free phone line(make sure the pay phone isnt verizon)
    but there semi costly depending on what you get, and on a second note
    90% of the time if your lucky enough to even find one there isnt a plug for like 200 feet mabey less mabey more

    so i not knowing to much about circuitry realized thay using something such as baby monitors and what not a cheaper possible battery powered one could be made

    im yet to be successful but hey mabey one of you has been successful in this feild.......
    (wishes it was still the day where you could just tone box acoustic couple and get on dial up from a pay phone and do what needs to be done)
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    Mar 14, 2000
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    It's the bidirectional properties that are difficult to duplicate simply.

    And before you get any ideas, it's not just Verizon. There are two types of lines out there, coin lines and modified B1 lines. The first you would need to produce the coin tones - pain. The second you wouldn't have to do anything special. Having said that, you can monitor every call going out on that line either at the CO or at the phone - all it takes is someone looking for it. :nono:
  3. zero xeal

    zero xeal Guest

    alright thanks for that info(coin tones are not a problem i just wish the phone company didnt mess with the pay phones so that they wont accept acustic input any more)
    as for free calling
    ive moved sorta back to hacking pbx's
    i already found a lame one that i can get into
    its just that this approach is a much nicer one since its like having another phone line for free
    tho the pay phone one is odd and im going to have to look into it more
    the pizza place and dry cleaners right next to this pay phone both have their telco boxes located in the alley behind them
    so those may be used in a time of need
  4. Astro

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    Ah... What a fun subject, although illegal and out of bounds.

    The austic input is a 30 year old trick so it was bound to happen that they'd learn about it and defeat it.

    Technology now days, its rather dangerous to do any phone phreaking unless you're doing it from a pay phone (if you're doing it from home, congrats, you shall be busted soon).

    Chip in, pay the extra $20 a month, it won't kill you and it will be legal (and you're probably already wired for a 2nd line where ever you're at).
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