Wireless router help please?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Ben Fong-Torres, May 25, 2004.

  1. I'm trying to setup my Linksys wireless router. The installation cd does not work, it tests my internet connection and then tells me I don't have one. I was trying to setup the router by going to and doing it that way but I was having little luck. I was able to get it so that the wireless card was connected or could "see" the router but it said the router was not connected to the internet.

    How do I know if I have a static or dynamic IP?
    Do I have to enter a domain on the page at
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    Well log into the router and make sure wireless is enabled for starters. Then make sure your PC is set to obtain an ip address automatically. If its the only computer it should receive the address of What kind of wireless card do you have for your pc?

    static- you assign each computer on your network with an ip and it starts from like -

    Dynamic - the router gives the computer an address automaticly starting at
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    Well, first off, is your modem plugged into the router? Sorry if that is like stating the obvious, but you never know. I mean, if you can connect to the router, then that is set up fine. How do you normally connect to the Internet? Cable? DSL?

    As far as whether or not you have a static or dynamic IP... If you're referring to the IP address assigned by your ISP, it really depends on your service. Dynamic IPs are the most common, but sometimes you can get a static IP if your ISP allows it or if you pay more money.

    Now, you also asked if you needed to enter a domain on the page at What page is that exactly? Where are you thinking that you may need to enter a domain?
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    can you hardwire it then try to connect?

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