wireless speakers to a HTIB?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Offender, Dec 22, 2005.

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    mother's birthday is coming up. i was thinking of getting her wireless outdoor speakers for her deck (she entertains a lot). would they work with her panasonic HTIB? what kind of adapter would i need?
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    Now that my friend, is a crazy request.

    But, if you can find some wireless speakers that have multiple types of inputs and you can then confirm the HTIB has some kind of stereo output or something, then yes you could.

    Unfortunatly I doubt the HTIB has a spare stereo out to do this but I could always be wrong.

    Bottom line is you need a Red/White stereo RCA out on the HTIB and a stereo Red/White RCA in for your transmitter for those wireless speakers.


    NOW, for what I would suggest. I suggest you get a cheap CD player to go with it and get a mini-jack to RCA adapter and feed that to the speaker transmitter. That way you can have a little independant CD player to play music for guests.

    Good Luck

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