wiring color head unit help pls ! - 91 240sx

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by sndbomber, Sep 21, 2002.

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    i am trying to install a stock clarion head unit from a 98 pathfinder into a 91 240sx...the harnesses dont match up and im trying to solder the wires using an aftermarket harness (it was there from a previous install to a tape deck) ...but the colors don't exactly match up...on the head unit plugs there are the following colors:


    [10] space [11]

    3-pink w/green stripe
    4-green w/white stripe
    6-black w/ white stripe
    8-blue w/ yellow stripe
    9-pink w/black stripe

    13-black w/ yellow stripe
    14-light green
    15-black w/pink stripe

    the harness im trying to solder to has the following colors:

    bigger plug-
    white (left front positive)
    white w/ black stripe (left front negative)
    gray (right front positive)
    gray w/ black stripe (right front negative)
    blue (antenna)
    yellow (battery/constant)
    orange (illumination)
    red (12 volt ignition)
    black (chassis ground?)

    smaller plug-
    purple (right rear positive)
    purple w/ black stripe (right rear negative)
    green (left rear positive)
    green w/ black stripe (left rear negative)
    blue w/ white stripe (? Turn on ?)

    im sorry for the length of this post but ive tried searching online for info, can anyone help match the wires? Im just a newbie to the car audio thing and i didnt want to mess up. thanks in advance

    cliffsnotes: tell me what the colors of the #1-15 correspond to :confused:


    when i get home ill loook up your car and tell you :)

    do you have a meter or can you get one?
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    loudsystem- thanks for the reply but no unfortunately i dont have a meter and i dont think i can get my hands on one :( you mean multimeter/voltmeter right?
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    sucks to be me cause here is what i just found out according to a repair tech:

    "You are trying to install a Bose stereo into a non-Bose system. You will need the Bose speakers and amplifiers for the correct sound. We do have some wire harness codes on the website, there is a link down the left side of the home page. We did not do color codes because there is no univeral standard, in other word, from model to model to year to year the manufacturer could not keep the same colors. Although showing the code for the connector has cut down on hundreds of emails.
    You have a real job ahead of you."

    is it really that difficult?....ugh i didnt want to buy a brand new headunit... :(
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    thanks cuponoodlez i beat you to it tho...plus too the links for all the nissans on that page dont exist anyway... :mad: im just gonna go buy an alpine anyway

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