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    Im building a bullet camera system that records into a small DVR unit. I'm using a bullet camera that requires a 12v source, so I wired up a 12v battery to power it. Now the connections on the camera are video RCA plug(yellow) connected to a RCA jack and power plug RCA(red) connected to RCA jack. I'm using an external microphone with a RCA plug to.

    The jack on the DVR is a 4 conductor 2.5mm headphone. that puts out a 5V source to power a small button camera. I dont want this power, since im already powering the camera with my 12v source. I need to know how to connect the video RCA and audio RCA to the female headphone jack (2.5mm or 3.5mm?) I need to know if I have to use a 2.5mm to 2.5mm 4 conductor cable? I have to 2.5mm headphone plug for the DVR, but either way I need a male to male headphone. I drew up a quick sketch of it. Sorry it kind of sucks. Im new to all this stuff. If someone could tell me how to wire this up. I would appreicate it. Thanks again


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