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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by unrealii, May 30, 2004.

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    Here is what I have:

    MTX 5 channel amp
    Eclipse 3 preout 8v hu
    Polk DB3065 component system w/cross overs
    Polk DB5510 midrange speaker

    My mtx amp has a 2-4-5 channel selection for the input. I have to chose 5 regardless since the bass has its own channel from the hu. However, if I decide to bi-amp the front, is it ok to put a Y splitter on the signal for the front to feed the 4 channels?

    Here's a picture:

    | | | | | (5 channel output, left tweeter, left midrange, right tweeter, right midrange, sub)
    Y Y |(5 channel input)
    | | |
    | | | (left front, right front, and sub channels @ 8v, 55ohm on the HU)
    | | |
    HU (eclipse)

    Note, the preouts for the rear speakers are not shown/not used in this diagram.
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    Yes, a Y splitter would work fine. So you are saying you are going to run the midranges off the deck then?

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