GUN woman shoots, stabs, armed burglar

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    Hagerstown woman shoots, stabs, armed burglar
    HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) - A woman fatally shot and stabbed an armed man who forced his way into her Hagerstown apartment looking for drugs and money, police said.

    Carri Humphrey, 22, told police she thought she recognized a tenant in her apartment building when he knocked on her apartment door about 3:30 a.m. Sunday. When she opened the door, two men pushed into the apartment, including one who carried a rifle and covered his face with a red bandanna.

    Humphrey told police one of the men began punching her in the face and head and she shouted to her roommate Michelle Reeder, 24, to get a handgun.

    Reeder ran into another room with the handgun, took cover behind a couch and tried to fire a warning shot, according to the police account. But the safety was on and the gun did not fire. As the man charged her, Reeder then fired several shots, striking him in the upper torso.

    Reeder and the intruder struggled, falling into the bedroom, police said, until Reeder stabbed the man in the back with a knife Humphrey got from the kitchen. The two women then fled to a neighbor's apartment and called police.

    Officers found James Michael Conely, 32, of Hagerstown, dead in a bedroom of the women's apartment. Michael John Watkins, 21, was arrested as he walked nearby, based on the women's description. Watkins has been charged with several counts of burglary, attempted armed robbery, and theft. Watkins allegedly said they were looking for drugs and money, according to police.

    The women were treated Sunday at Washington County Hospital and released, police said.

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    Good for them
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    they all have white sounding names :o

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