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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by lolerskates, Apr 27, 2008.

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    XP pro, one sata hard drive, am2 2.4, 2gb crucial memory, galaxy mobo, corsair 450w psu

    anyways i always leave my pc on 24/7, i have been running this one since december with no big problems. this morning i go to wiggle the mouse and wake up the monitor and nothing happens. so i hold the power button and turn the power off, then i turn it back on to reboot. I get a solid tone from the internal speaker and no boot. I turned the switch to the psu off and waited for about 10 mins, then i turned it back on, it booted this time and gave me the option for safe mode or normal boot. so i tried normal boot, it started to boot like normal then gave me the error "cannot boot due to missing dll files" i powered it down then back up, this time i selected safe mode, it ran through a list of dll's then gave me the blue screen of death for a sec then went back to the cannot boot message.

    i have 10gig partioned on my hdd, should i try installing another version of xp on that and see if it will run? or should i try to repair the current installation with the xp disc?

    anyone have any thoughts

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