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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Guest, Sep 5, 2001.

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    bout time we got a truck and suv forum.
    when i get home tongiht i will post up some pics of my 99 ram
    but heres a list of the mods done and whats to come..

    3.90 gears, 3 inch suspension lift, Pro Comp ES3000 shocks, Pro Comp ES2000 steering stabilizer, waag grill guard, PIAA platinum H.I.D. headlights, K&N Gen II, fastman throttle body, autolite 3923s gapped @ 40, accel rotor, accel dist. cap, jacobs 8.5mm wires, 180 degree hypertech t-stat, 16x8 monster mod rims w/4.25 back spacing, 285/75/R16 BFG mud terrains, MPC 3-pc bug deflector, nerf bars, KC Highlights, dodge floor mats, dual 3 inch exhaust, draw-tite hitch, yellow wire loom, eclipse 6x9s.

    soon to add --
    superlift tru-speed
    jba headers
    new exhaust from headers back w/2.5 inch pipes
    IAT re-location
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    Jul 15, 2001
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    Goodbye mailbox
    Gdam bro anything else you wanna add to the list.

    I wanna see pics of this thing. I have a 2000, it sounds very similar. I gots ta get a digi cam
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    i will get some pics posted later tongiht... as for the mods the list goes on LOL
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    oh yeah... one thing i forgot to add the list og mods to come...

    supercharger :big grin:
    my goal is to get 250 hp at the wheels...

    will need a few other mods to obtain that goal... hell i may decided to add NOS... but who knows...
  5. OMG hahah i cant beleive this thread is still here.. i made this one way back then.. LOL LOL

    damn i miss that truck....

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