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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by raithe, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. raithe

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    My new site. Right now, it is less than 2 weeks old, and has already profited over $3000.

    I am looking for *honest* reviews on things you would add to the site. I am also having a contest soon, and wanted to know what kind of prizes you would want to see given out. (Nothing over $700, preferably).
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  3. raithe

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    not the kind of review I was looking for... lol
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    I saw your site on mashable. Personally I think its just like the million dollar wiki and other sites, they are good for a quick buck for the owner and some people who buy pages, but they offer NO benefit to the user. Every page bought is bought to turn it into an ad, not to be something that the user would want to read. The site looks good, hell of a lot better than the million $ wiki, though.
  5. raithe

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    Blah, I have been getting that response a lot lately. My site has very little to do with MDW. (Other than it is a site about keywords, much like all of the popular web2.0 sites use tags).

    It is cheaper, looks better, and long term. $60 for 10 years is $0.50 a month, and I even have a moneyback guarantee. I am sure there are 800 paying customers on MDW that want their money back. If they had a problem making money on mine, I would refund it.

    Thanks for the design complement, but do you have any feature suggestions to make it better? (I have a forum, and a buy/sell marketplace in the works, as well as a few contests).

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