TECH Working 66+ hours this week...


...and doing nothing.

M: 8-5
T: 8-5
W: 8-10
Th: 8-8(?)
F: 8-8(?)
S: 8-8(?)

We are working on a joint project with a company out of California... I was responsible for implementing a communication protocol over SPI so that our hardware and their hardware could communicate back and forth to function as a single system. They are fucking things up so they decided to come out for 4 days to resolve these "issues"... So far I haven't had to change my code by a single line, every one of the dozen or so problems we have addressed has been on their end, which I have been telling them and arguing with them about for the last two weeks... I am sitting here, right now, at a conference table with 6 people who are silently trying to regain any semblance of dignity that they had before they stepped off the plane on Tuesday, and I am doing NOTHING (except browsing OT and occasionally answering the same questions for the tenth time).



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Oct 17, 2004
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I feel your pain.

I talked with someone in February and told him exactly what i was doing for our next app. We had status meetings every 2 weeks and he probably showed up to half of them. he wasn't critical so it didn't matter but he should have at least had an idea of what was going on. He's gotten status updates, seen demos, and even loaded the app on his phone *supposedly* to demo at a trade show (he told us "it worked GREAT!" (end quote)).

Three days ago it was supposed to go live and his boss called and said we couldn't push the button because (short story) it went against some of our policies. The other group that sets the policies said we're all set and followed protocol but this other guy does have some power and I think he's just looking to flex a little.

His boss asked when I first contacted the guy and I told him what I posted above. I think he was hoping I was going to say we didn't contact his employee so he could claim we didn't do it right, but we did include him so that went out the window. So now here I am having done everything the way it was supposed to be done but because this guy disagrees with the policies in another group and has a little bit of clout I'm getting shit on in the middle.

I've spent 3 days defending what i did and why I did it and will spend 2 more before on Monday I basically tell them to go screw and do it the way we originally planned. It sucks because nothing changed but now we'll be a week late because someone's head is up his ass.

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