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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by theburninator, Jun 4, 2004.

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    back in high school, i had a decent stereo setup in my 95 avenger (couple of sony 12s a jbl600.1, infinity kappas up front) anyway, after i wrecked the car the system sat in my room for a year or so until my apartment was broken into and all my junk taken

    so now i'm driving my dads 99 avalon xls and i want to put a single 12 in the trunk, i'm thinking 1 Adire Shiva in a sealed box run at 600 watts @ 4ohms pushed by a jbl 1200.1

    but i have a few questions, what size box does that sub need? I know i've read it likes big boxes, but i've got a sheet of mdf and i need some dimensions...

    2nd, since apperantly no longer carries the 1200.1 for $250 with free shipping, where is the cheapest place to get it? i can't even find any decent new ones on ebay.

    any suggestions? i'm planning on using a dave navone converter and sticking to the stock HU for now, and eventually upgrading the speakers up front to some nice component set (maybe koda's)
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    The 1200.1 would be a good amplifier. The Shiva would probably work well in a ~1.5cuft enclosure, although its really quite flexible.

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