Workplace Comedies?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by SS109, Jul 16, 2006.

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    Office Space has the OT love, but I think the original Clerks is even better.

    I just watched it again and I think the movie totally nails it for those who work in convienence & video stores the way Office Space works for the office & waitress set.

    And the dialogue is awesome!

    Personally I can't wait for Clerks II.

    Any other good workplace comedies? Does "waiting" do a good job for the restaurant workers?
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    Office Space is even better Clerks though I'm a huge fan of both as well as Waiting which is a somewhat distant third.

    As far as Waiting goes the only parts I know for sure would be the busboys are dead on, the general manager would be very often accurate as far as hitting on the employees, usually one Justin Long type, and I didn't know many cooks but the one I did was just like Dane Cooks charector. So, yeah I'd have to say it's pretty damn accurate. The guy's who wrote it had worked at resturants for years.

    Clerks II looks like shit. I'm afraid Smith is pullinh a Lucas and making followups so horrid that they hurt the original. I hope I'm wrong but I don't have much hope after seeing the previews.
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    god i loved office space when i first saw it. then when i watched clerks i was hooked on view askew films. now waiting was a pretty good movie just made me think twice about dining out.

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