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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by airbrat, Dec 6, 2004.

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    Hi, I'm still new to this so please try to bear w/ me.

    I recently stood up a small domain consisting of only 2 servers. One server is the active directory (Win2K Server) and the second server (Win2K Server) is the file/print server. So far so good, I pretty much took all the default values when finishing up the installation. Nothing fancy here.

    This small domain is connected to a larger domain. All the DNS and WINS info from the small domain is pointed to the larger domain. All workstations are joined to the larger domain via DHCP (WinXP Pro).

    My problem is I have two workstations that cant see my small domain anymore. They use to see it no problem. As far as I know nothing has changed. The network settings for these workstations are identical to the rest of the workstations yet they can't see my smaller domain. I've tried using LMHOST, HOST, purging the DNS, praying to god, throwing salf over my left shoulder, EVERYTHING yet nothing works.

    Please, anybody, I'm in dire straits here. I have no idea whats wrong. Here is what I do know:

    Workstations can't see small domain via Network Neighborhood
    Workstations can ping servers on small domain
    Workstations can only nslookup one server (file server) but not the other server
    Workstations are on DHCP WinXP Pro
    Small servers are on static IP
    Workstations can only map to small servers via IP only
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    Sounds like DNS. Did you check the DNS tab (TCP/IP then Advanced Button) under networking to verify that they have the correct domain name? How about under system properties, Computer Name, Change, More? what if you try to NSLOOKUP the FQDN of the domain controller? i.e. domaincontrollername.domainname.tld? Does it find it then?

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