Worried about upgrading the stereo in my 2 month old TSX.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by StarBai, Aug 10, 2003.

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    Well I do not want to add a new head unit... it'd screw up the lines of the car and the idea of both is stupid to me.

    So waht I want to do is add speakers. I'm not sure but would I have to add an 4 way amp to power the speakers? My friend just bought 2 sets of pioneer speakers and dropped it into his stereo in his altima; and its all run through the stock amp/head unit (I dont know if the GLE's had a seperate amp). It Sounds good..

    Question is what he did alright electrically? I mean his alternator just went out on him yesterday... (108k mi 96 Altima, i suppose it was time) I'm just scared that dropping any new speakers or amplifers or even subs will kill my electrical system.

    I had a 97 Acura CL before I had the TSX, I hooked that WHOLE system up... I had a new head unit and speakers driven off of that; and 2 MTX subs run off of an Alpine Amp installed somewhere in the 5th year around 82k miles. At 95k miles and 8 months later the alternator went out on me (btw I had no CAP) and I think that was premature due to the extra power the amp for the subs drew although it coulda been just due.

    So my real issue is; what is the actual damage that adding or upgrading the system in a car is? What can be done to prevent future problems?
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    It is doubtfull that your amplifier will kill your electrical system. It COULD, but any normal person would have a difficult time in doing so. Now, if the charging system is already weak, the addition of more amplifiers might hurt it.

    As for your alternator dying in your Acura, it was probably just a coincidence. As for the nominal power draws from your amp, unless you crank it up to full power quite often, you are not going to be drawing much more than 10 amperes or so, depending on your amplifier configuration.

    My advice is, install whatever you want, and don't worry about it unless problems arise. I have YET to have any problems with any of the cars I have installed aftermarket amplifiers in, and several have had amplifiers that draw over 100 amperes at full load....

    And I wouldnt bother with a cap either, they were not designed to help save your electrical system....
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    your probaly not going to be doing the new amp and speakers any justice off teh factory head unit most systems ive heard where some used high level imputs sound like poo since the stock deack will start clipping most people arent smart enough not to turn it past that point but hey its your dime

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