A&P Would an Olympus C-4000 be too much camera for a "newbie"

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by 7, Dec 11, 2002.

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    Jul 5, 2002
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    I want a digital camera for christmas and have kind of fell in love with the olympus C-4000 since its got good zoom, 4MP, and from what I'm told takes excellent macros. Right now the only camera I have a a SiPix which sucks because I dont even have flash, let alone zoom or any other feature. You can get a C-4000 for around $350 if you shop around and price match or find rebates, the thing is my mom is keeps asking me if I really think I can justify getting a sort of high end camera and she doesnt seem to think I will use it much, while I think I will. Anyone have any comments on this camera or situation? Should I get something lower-end since this will be my first "real" digital camera?
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    that is the camera I have. I had a digicam before it, I think it was a D-760 or something like that. can't remember. But I really got into photography when I got the C4000. Takes awesome pictures. Its simple enough for a beginner, but can be used manually for a more experienced photographer. I recommend it. You can see a few pics that I've taken on my site :cool:

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    No it is not too much if you are good at figuring out how stuff works. I have never owned a digi cam up until I bought my Olympus 4000C. I have had some experience with 35 mm but its been a few years. Nothing on the 4000 is overly complicated and I think it is a very good start because it allows you to grow a little into the hobby without having to buy another camera. Thats why I made it my first camera.

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