Would Apple upgrade your older iPod if broken?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by DeepRun™, May 20, 2008.

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    I have a 5.5g 80Gb iPod that has the extended warranty on it which expires this October. I've used it once because it refused to sync with iTunes occasionally even after a reset (both hardware & full refresh).

    Today I was listening to music & skipping through some songs when it just froze up. I hard reset it and the battery level went from half full to a sliver of red. After playing for a few minutes it jumped back to red. So after about 3 years of heavy use I think the battery is starting to give me problems.

    Thing is, if it does die in a few months I hope they fix this one and not replace it with the new "classic" 80Gb because I hate the look of them. I've heard of them giving owners upgraded laptops or desktops when they're out of cycle sometimes or there's been a slight refresh of the same model.
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    They'll prob send you back another modem from the same gen. I had a 3G back when the 4 and 5th gen were out and had it send in, and never got anything newer back :dunno:
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    They have tons of the older models to replace it with. They still have 2G and 3G iPods in stock.
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    Yay! They replaced it with the same model.
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    Everyone here hates you.
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    Now copying 418 of 10587 songs.

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