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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by TtamNedlog, Jul 4, 2007.

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    Last night I pull in my driveway and my headlights illuminated a large spiderweb. I got out and looked closer to see a large spider wrapping up a bug. I went on my mary way only to wake up this morning and think, "damn I should have tried to take a picture."

    Recently I saw some threads here about lighting for pictures where your subject (say a model) is exposed but the backgrounds are dark and underexposed. Metering for the background, dropping down a few stops, and illumating your subject with flashes.

    My question is this. Keeping in mind it's dark, could I have used something like 1/200 f16 and my D80's flash to take a picture of the spider where the spider would have been lit by the flash, but the background would be black? There was nothing behind the spider except a tree maybe 10 feet back. Think the flash would have shown up on it as well?

    Basically could I have gotten a picture like this:
    Except with a black background instead of a blueish-grey one.
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    The TDot
    Probably, depending the power of your flash and the distance between the web and the background.

    EDIT: Saw the 10 feet back. Yeah, you could do it.
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    very easily done, though it may take some adjustments to get it right if ettl try and exposes for the bkg or the highlights of the mist.

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