Would you be happy living in the matrix? *no spoilers for reloaded*

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by dazmanultra, May 24, 2003.

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    Imagine if you were living in the matrix, unaware that you are in fact merely "plugged in" to a computer generated dreamworld. Imagine if you had a choice, as to what world to live in - the computer dreamworld of 1999-2003 or sometime in the future, where the world is ravaged by the horrors of war, and your life is a meagre existance with little resources or food.

    Referring back to the first film, we see that 'Cypher', the character that betrays the crew of the Neburchanezzar (sp?) all so that he can be re-inserted into the matrix, so that he can live out his life happily. All he asked for was to be rich and mildly famous - "perhaps an actor" he tells the agents.

    Are the humans that become freed from the matrix really 'free' at all? Or do they become prisoners of an even worse world - harsh reality?
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    1. As per the thread title, what matrix?

    2. (I have too much god damned time...) A. Matrix, no serious shit has gone down B. "real" world, serious shit has gone down and everything is fucked... Hmmmmmmm, depends on your philosophy.

    Thanks for asking the most subjective questions possible.

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