would you consider these to be acceptable hiss levels?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Ronin, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Ronin

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    ive read a bit online about this already but i felt it was obligatory to ask OT for its opinion:

    I would characterize the tweeter hiss as soft and mild, there is no buzzing quality to it all, just like a whispery hiss sort of, its not noticeable from seating distance until my receiver hits ~6 (16 would be max) its clearly noticeable at 10 and when receiver hits 16 (MAX) there is an ultra faint humm when my ear is pressed against the grill coming from the midbass's.

    at normal listening levels (-30 -> -15) there is almost no hiss. and I never listen to it above 4-5.

    i have no problem with this current situation but for reference I was wondering if this would be acceptable for other people or if I am supposed to attain 0 hiss. :dunno: or if this is a really good level of performance for "sound darkness" as I suppose it could be referred to.


    receiver: yamaha rx-v1600
    amps: outlaw monos
    speakers: paradigm studio 100 v.4s
    cables: fatty ones by veonake
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    assuming the rec/amps are either stacked or very close, you could be experiencing some interference. while it's usually not practical, you could move stuff apart to see if it goes away. and since it doesn't bother you, you could just post about it on OT. :mamoru:
  3. Ronin

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    they arent really close to each other, the amps are near the tv

    could it be from a bunch of cables being next to each other/touching etc?
  4. Create

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    It could be the TV, assuming it's a CRT.
  5. Ronin

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    its a CRT, need to upgrade that shit, lol

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